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Comment 18 Jan 2018

Barkley and Fitzpatrick are the best players on their respective sides of the ball in the entire Draft (ducks). Therefore, we can safely assume that neither the Brown or Bengals are interested in them.

Comment 15 Jan 2018

Thank you very much for clarifying. I hadn't heard of him being invited anywhere, so apologies if that has already been shared.

Also possible he gets a late invitation to the Senior Bowl, as those rosters will be finalized later this week.

I had expected him to be there anyway. That's why I have been shocked that he wasn't listed among participants.

Comment 13 Jan 2018

I know folks down here disagree, but to me Keith Jackson is the GOAT. I loved hearing him call games and was very disappointed when he stepped away from the booth. Rest In Peace Keith, you will always be synonymous with the greatest sport in the world.

Comment 12 Jan 2018

Dick LeBeau is DC for the Titans. That counts if you ask me.

Comment 11 Jan 2018

Hope the kid sorts it out and can maximize his potential before it’s too late. Either way, gotta make Buckeye fans feel thankful for the way his recruitment shook out in the end.

Comment 11 Jan 2018

Letting freshmen play, without losing eligibilty? Man, they're spoiling these kids. In the good ole days, the upperclassmen were allowed to break them in on their own.

Serious question -

How is this beneficial for the player? Aren't we potentially adding 4 games to their career at very little payoff for them?