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MEMBER SINCE   June 15, 2013


  • SPORTS MOMENT: Hugging my dad after Ken Dorsey's pass hit the ground.
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Eddie George and Joshua Perry
  • NFL TEAM: Titans
  • NHL TEAM: Predators
  • NBA TEAM: Grizzlies
  • MLB TEAM: Reds and Indians
  • SOCCER TEAM: Arsenal

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Comment 29 Jan 2020

Ramzy - as a parent (#girldad)  this one cuts deep. Don’t waste so much time going that you miss out on the growing. Kobe’s growth and maturation were as impressive to behold as his tenacity and ferocity as a scorer. The most impressive thing though is everything we’ve been learning about who he was as a father.

All of us fathers need to remember that while life is certainly expensive, moments are priceless. Make sure that making memories supersedes making money when it comes to your kids. May we all learn from this tragedy that it’s okay sometimes to slow down and enjoy the view.

Comment 20 Jan 2020

Local media is acknowledging that this will be a loss. The guys in that room really loved playing for him and there’s no question he got the most out of Byard, Ryan, Butler, and (especially) Adoree. They all improved drastically on his watch. They played well even with ZERO pass rush in front of them.

Comment 20 Jan 2020

As far as I know, they’re planning on him conducting exit interviews with the DBs here in Nashville. He strikes me as the type of guy who wound want to tell his players himself, face to face. Should be announced this week, but I’m thinking tomorrow or Wednesday.

Comment 03 Jan 2020

I can’t decide how good this team is, or isn’t. Are they a top 10 team with legitimate final four hopes? Or, more likely, are they a team who feasted on some very overrated teams early on, and we should just be content if they make it out of the first weekend?

Comment 03 Jan 2020

Could he? Sure, he's certainly permitted to do so. Will he? Absolutely not.

Apparently only Alabama knows how to lure Draft eligible 1st round picks back to school. I've been banking on them losing Dobbins, Okudah, Young, and Wade since early in the season. It's a pretty safe assumption. Honestly, if my son was a top 50, maybe even top 100 Draft prospect, I'd tell him to leave school. He can always finish his degree later, but you don't get a second crack at negotiating that fat second contract.

Comment 29 Dec 2019

I think we’re looking at a RB by committee approach next year. It wouldn’t shock me if Teague ends up being a Hyde type player, but I think he needs a QB who is a true threat in the read option for that. IMO, they’ll be solid, but not great, at RB for 2020 and 2021. 2022 (either Stroud’s or Miller’s second year as a starter) is the year that we’ll really see what kind of long term impact Day has on the program, especially after the recruiting misses at RB and CB recently.