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Dante Booker - Baseball

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April 22, 2014 at 12:41pm

We played against Akron St. V's yesterday and on the way there I jokingly told our SS who plays QB for the football team that he better watch his back that Booker doesn't show up and demolish him again (which can be seen on Booker's highlight tape).  Show up to the field and find out he's DHing for them.  Didn't have much to show other than the one time he got on base (miscommunication on a fly ball in the infield (yes, I'm the infield coach (yes, it's fixed))) he stole second and was in standing up almost before our catcher even released the ball.  Dude flies!  We play them again tonight at Cene Park if any of you Youngstowners are interested in seeing him swing it. 

-Side note... it appears his father is chiseled from stone.  He was also very into Dante's at bats which makes me happy he isn't one of those parents that doesn't care about how he does in baseball because his college future is set. 

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