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ESPN Outside the Lines stalking Buckeye fans

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April 14, 2014 at 7:51pm

ESPN and their hack Outside the Lines team was trying their damndest to nail Jim Tressel to the cross back in 2011. Because lying about broke college athletes selling their own gear is the most awful crime in the world. One of the "reporters" they sent to investigate was Justine Gubar.

I first heard about her while listening to Common Man and the Torg. The Torg mentioned that former Buckeye players had told him about her, and that she was badgering them to turn on the program. She would call them and act phony nice, like she was their buddy, all while deliberately trying to get them to sell out their school and coach.

Like any true Buckeye fan, I was infuriated by this phony, hack form of journalism. I found her on facebook and wrote her a scathing message, obviously void of any threat, and even void of swear words. Never heard back from her, and apparently none of the players cooperated with her.

Anyways, I was lying in my bed after taking a nap when there was a knock at my door. My girlfriend went to answer it, and sure enough, Justine and some other dude are standing on my porch asking for me. I went downstairs and, just as Torg said, she was acting phony nice, trying to talk about the incident. She also said that she was looking for other Buckeyes and fans who contacted her about that incident.

I flew into a rage and yelled at that stupid hack to get off of my porch. Looking back, I regret doing that. I wish I would've taken a few minutes to calm down, so that I could slowly, piece by piece, tell her how much of a tool and a company whore she was for taking part in that nonsense story.

I assume there are other people on this site who heard about her doings in 2011, whether from Common man and the Torg, or wherever. Just a heads up. ESPN may be knocking at your door.

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