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Comment 02 Aug 2017

I would say videos are more like SIMPLE carbs. Complex carbs and starches are important to a person's diet. Not all carbs are created equal. 

Other than that, this article should be required reading for everybody who wants to keep their brain from turning into mush

Comment 21 Jul 2017

If this is true it's a bad look for Kyrie

LeBron was disappointed and blindsided by this news. Which, if he was indeed leaving for the Lakers, why would he care about Kyrie also wanting out? I'm still not buying the Lebron to LA narrative that ESPN is pushing.

When Kyrie was a FA in 2014 the ESPN reports up to the day he was signed would've had you believe that he was on the fast track out of town. Instead he signed a max contract.

Im always going to be skeptical of NBA rumors. They are always a lot of sound and fury, signifying nothing

Comment 29 Jun 2017

Barwis is a pretty controversial person in the field. He has a dynamic personality and many of his players will vouch for him. But he's not much of a teacher and often lets his athletes get away with using poor technique in favor of "gains." I remember seeing footage of him demonstrating a hang clean on American Muscle and was flabbergasted by how bad his form was. Then he pitted Ndamokung Suh against Mike Martin (??) in a hang clean challenge and Martin, who trained under him for three years, used equally atrocious form. Mike Boyle doesn't seem to think very highly of him, and that says plenty.

Comment 28 Jun 2017

I know this is obvious but journalism as we know it is dying. The proliferation of different websites, blogs, free content and on-demand podcasting has all but rendered the old news model obsolete. America isn't waiting for a Walter Cronkite to tell us the gravity of a major news event anymore. And Wilbon and Kornheiser are no longer the only two sports reporters who give their opinions on a daily basis. News is now reported and opined by anybody and everybody. 

I studied in the journalism program at OSU a few years ago and it always felt like there was an ominous cloud hovering over the institution (journalism, not the school). Many of the teachers and students in the program carried themselves with a morbid and fatalistic attitude that is almost certainly commonplace even among the professional journalists. Gallows humor about being unemployed and blogging in your parents' basement after graduation was common. I remember attending a Tressel press conference and overhearing Tim May of the Dispatch making small talk with an old acquaintance. When he was asked how things were going, May half-jokingly replied "I'm with a paper and still have a job!"

Granted, there were some success stories; Two of my editors still write for the Dispatch and Plain Dealer. Another even landed a gig with a CNN affiliate. But to get those jobs they had to hustle and work with a tenacity that probably wouldn't have been required of them to get those same jobs 25 years ago. There are still a great number of internships for students, but most are glorified fronts for free, dead end labor disguised as potential for future advancement.

There are no untouchables in sports media anymore. Everyone is expendable. Stewart Mandel will probably land on his feet, but if most of the other departed journalists are to recover from this industry-wide blood bath they are probably going to have to do so on their own, either through a blog or sponsored podcast, and away from the umbrella of major networks. 

Comment 28 Apr 2017

I dont ever want to hear people rave about how smart Harvard graduates are. Those suit-wearing, dictionary-mesmerizing, SAT-studying, math-calculating, alma mater-singing pencil necks will NEVER understand the game. Once again, they tried to get cute with their picks, and once again, this will backfire. Football isn't a damn algorithm. It's not mathematics. It's not even gambling. It's a game won at the line of scrimmage, and those who have a nose for the ball will always end up with the football. Quarterback is, was and always will be the most important position. 

This was a horrendous night for the Browns.

Sashi will be peddling real estate back in DC before long and Paul DePodesta will be begging for a job with whatever 90 loss MLB team that decides to axe their GM. 

Comment 27 Apr 2017

Fuck the browns. Fuck paul depodesta. Fuck haslam and his wife. Fuck sashi brown. Fuck all of them. Im done

Comment 07 Apr 2017

Beth Mowins talks like she's doing an Edward G. Robinson impersonation while simultaneously chewing on 17 Lifesaver candies.

I remember during the OSU/Maryland game last year on the opening drive when JT Barrett threw a pass to a WR's feet. A Maryland defender dove for the ball, clearly trapping it to the turf. The play was immediately blown dead by the official, but the Maryland DB got up off the ground and ran 25+ yards into the endzone. Beth called the play as if it was an actual touchdown, unaware that, even if the defender did happen to intercept the ball, that the play would have been over because his entire body was lying on the turf. 

Comment 26 Mar 2017

Having the venue across the olentangy and away from the main campus and bars absolutely robs the building of energy. how are students and fans going to have time to get drunk and rowdy if it takes them almost an hour to walk from south campus to VCA? Everything that went into the planning of that arena was questionable; from the location to its enormous capacity. The shitty basketball team only magnifies the fundamental problems that have always existed with it. 

Comment 22 Mar 2017

Ramzy is the best when it comes to using song lyrics as titles for articles

Comment 09 Mar 2017

If Matta wants to turn this thing around the first thing he needs to do is dismiss Dave Richardson (strength and conditioning coach). Great work habits start in the weight room and carry over to the hardwood. As DeAngelo Russell pointed out, the weight room was frequently empty during his time at OSU, and it's obvious that hasn't changed. 

Richardson has been here since 2005 and even during Matta's halcyon days his teams were prone to blowing staggering leads in the second half, an obvious sign of poor conditioning. Jared Sullinger, William Buford and Laquintin Ross were all among the fattest prospects at the NBA scouting combine during their respective drafts. Fat mammaries and large guts are all fine and dandy if these players wanted to spend all day jiggling their man boobs and making silly faces with their guts, but they are not acceptable for aspiring pro basketball players  

It's as if the staff is afraid to add muscle and strength to the players. We always have low post big men that can't shoot, yet they spend 3 or 4 years here and never gain any size and strength that will allow them to outmuscle their opponents in the paint and on the boards. Amir Williams, Dallas Lauderdale, Othello Hunter and even Evan Ravanel could have been physically stronger than every big man they went against with the right strength program. 

Basketball titles are and always will be won with hustle on the defensive end of the floor and strength on the boards. And the easiest way to excel at both of those is to have a strong S&C plan in place. 

Comment 06 Mar 2017

I don't know much about the IMG Academy except that it's more like a factory than an actual high school. And I dont know much about Gerald, so this is purely speculation. But I wouldn't be shocked if this was a case of the kid getting burned out by the sport.

When you leave your home as a teenager, and go 1500 miles away to a place where your sole purpose is to eventually become a pro football player, rather than a well-rounded student athlete who plays for his home; I have to think that lifestyle can wear some kids out. 

He played for three different schools in three years before he turned 19. I have to wonder if football stopped being a game for him during that span. 

I think parents get sold on the idea that, if they send their kids away to some hot shot sports academy instead of their high school, their kids will come out guaranteed to be a star. When the reality is that it's extremely difficult and unlikely that their child will make a living as a professional athlete no matter where they play. Personally I think that a player has to have an organic love of football in order to thrive. It's too violent, aggressive and quasi-militaristic for most high school level kids to play at an assembly line sports academy. At IMG you arent playing for your community. You arent playing in front of your family. You arent playing with childhood friends. You are playing for yourself and Football is the be all end all of you even being at the school. Not a great frame of mind for a teenager

Comment 04 Feb 2017

Mma and football are two of the most diverse sports in existence. And each fighter, team and player performs with their own unique technique and form.

and i dont wanna hear about how hollywood is "artistic" when every other movie is a remake or part of some blockbuster superhero franchise. Meryl streep doesnt have a clue what shes talking about when she disparages those sports