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If OSU Football Coaches Were Cars

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March 13, 2014 at 2:12pm

Yes, it is a long off-season.

Woody Hayes -- '67 Cadillac Eldorado Coupe.  Classic, Badass American Luxury.  One of the best cars ever made.

Earl Bruce -- '84 Lincoln Continental.  You bought it because you wanted the Caddy, but really it was just a Ford Taurus.  Sure, it was comfortable, but it was always a compromise.

John Cooper -- '97 Jaguar XJS.  Of course it had to be an import, right?  Looks great in the driveway, and pretty fun to drive, but just wait, the breakdown is coming.

Jim Tressel -- '70 Chevy Chevelle.  A throw back.  Not as flashy as some of its muscle car cousins, but an absolute horsepower monster.  Just don't try to make a turn.  You can just picture JT with a fresh-pressed flannel shirt tucked into his khakis getting to work under the hood on a crisp fall Sunday.

Luke Fickell -- 1998 Geo Tracker.  Weak, bouncy, and likely to roll over at any minute.  Sorry Luke.

Urban Meyer.  -- Year and model TBD.  It looks pretty sporty under the tarp.  I'm hoping it's a Ferrari.


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