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Comment 14 Aug 2017

First, one plot point I haven't heard mentioned yet. The danger of the mission at Eastwatch, combined with both the low body-count of major characters this season and proximity to the end of the season, suggests we could be losing somebody big next week. However, does the presence of Dondarion on this mission mean we might also see a resurrection? In any case, not all our gang is coming back from north of the wall. Who do you think is going down? My guess is Ser Jora. He's had his poignant reunion with Daenarys, but with Tyrion established as Hand, there's not much left for him to do, but die in the service of his beloved queen.

The other point I haven't heard discussed yet is more thematic. As pieces were being set up around Westeros, one thing seemed to connect all the characters, and that is the balance between courage and judgment. This starts with Bronn, a great exemplar of both, telling Jaime, all courage, very little in the way of judgment, that he did not sign up to fight dragons and gently mocking Jaime for charging at Drogon. We then see Dickon show great courage in refusing to "bend the knee" to Daenarys, and promptly get cooked in his armor for his bravery. Next we see Jon Snow standing his ground to pet that same Drogon as if it were a new puppy he just brought home from the pound. I won't detail each example, but the theme runs through the episode and provides a nice key to viewing it.

Comment 08 Aug 2017

The Bran and Littlefinger scene in this past episode reminded me of Littlefinger's speech from the previous week where he tells Sansa "everything that happens will be something that you've seen before." This is how Littlefinger tries to see the world, but it turns out it is how Bran actually sees it, and it's freaking Littlefinger out. Have a feeling we're not done with the two of them.

Comment 01 Aug 2017

Reminds me of Thank You for Smoking:

Jeff Megall: [in his office] Sony has a futuristic sci-fi movie they're looking to make.

Nick Naylor: Cigarettes in space?

Jeff Megall: It's the final frontier, Nick.

Nick Naylor: But wouldn't they blow up in an all oxygen environment?

Jeff Megall: Probably. But it's an easy fix. One line of dialogue. 'Thank God we invented the... you know, whatever device.'

Comment 31 Jul 2017

"What the hell is taking the Night King so long . . . to reach the wall" was my full quote, because at the wall winter has most certainly not only arrived, but never really left. Again, this is not a complaint. I am willing to put up with all sorts of quirks in time as far as narrative storytelling goes, just observing that this does indeed to be a bit of a quirk.  

Comment 31 Jul 2017

I'll join the chorus in calling last night's episode a great one. I was never one to complain that the show was moving too slowly, but I'm loving the swiftness of the action in this season. Jon and Daenarys meet and we get a Bran and Sansa reunion. Still, it has to be said, with all this swiftness, with Jon able to sail from Winterfell to Dragonstone, with armies marching across Westeros, with Meera Reed dragging Bran on a toboggan from the teeth of the White Walkers all the way to Winterfell, what the hell is taking the Night King so long to reach the wall?

Comment 19 Jul 2017

Buckeyes will need to bring their "A" game at least three times this year against Oklahoma, PSU, and @UM. If they do, they win those games. If they don't any of those games could be a loss. There are three games where a sloppy, uninspired game could be punished with a loss, @Nebraska, @Iowa, and v MSU. Of those, @Iowa worries me the most. Between those 6 games, I fully expect one flat performance. Hopefully, it isn't, yet again, the one game that costs us an appearance in the B1GCG.

Comment 18 Jul 2017

It is one thing to say that you admire someone. It is another when that admiration is coupled with emulation. Sansa's words are interesting. Her deed takes us one step further.

Regarding the parallels between the two, I would say some significant ones are that both are women who have always lived close to power, who have been used by men to bolster their power, but have been denied that power for themselves because they are women. What is tantalizing in both Sansa's comments to Jon Snow and her appearance is the possibility that she might begin to find yet another parallel with Cersei, the belief that she should hold power herself and would be more competent in her use of it. Regarding "feminine solipsism", I'm not sure how that would be different from regular, old solipsism. Solipsism with dresses? Unless you are suggesting that women are somehow more susceptible to the notion that only they exist?

Comment 18 Jul 2017

These days I far prefer coffee and 11:00 am starts (I'm central time) to beer and night games.

I sometimes find myself whistling "Hail to the Victors" during football season. It's a catchy tune.

It bothers me that the Buckeyes have only won one B1G Championship in the Urban era.

Comment 18 Jul 2017

Okay, given the fact that you started this thread and have posted all through it, I assume that not only do you find the show interesting, but that you also find it interesting to think about the show and to discuss it. There are two scenarios here to choose from. The first, that this hairstyle is incidental, is not interesting. In fact, the suggestion that the showrunners do not pay attention to such details implies a haphazard, even lazy, approach to producing the show. Such laziness is not what we expect from this show nor what keeps us talking about it with internet strangers. The second scenario, that this choice of hairstyle is a deliberate echo of Cersei's style, subtly adds a layer of complexity to a beloved character. It does not mean that Sansa will become Cersei (though I wouldn't rule it out). It does not mean that she will betray her family (though Sansa might not see her assertion of her birthright over a bastard as a betrayal). What it does do is get us thinking and talking about what parallels might exist between Sansa and Cersei. You know, make things a little more interesting. The choice is yours.

Comment 18 Jul 2017

Can't believe I'm getting sucked into this conversation, but clearly neither of those pictures shows the hairstyle Sansa was sporting Sunday night. Equally clear is the fact that this was not an incidental manifestation of the style of the time, but instead a deliberate clue from the showrunners for us to keep our eyes on Sansa. Finally, even if we were to dismiss it as merely style, we choose our models for reasons. What reasons does Sansa have for adopting the style of Cersei?

Comment 18 Jul 2017

Has Sansa worn her hair in that style before in the previous six seasons? If not, I would say it's significant that she debuted her new "Cersei" look in the same scene in which she confesses how much she has learned from Cersei. I'd say it's also significant that we see Sansa beginning to show some of the envy of the powerful that has long defined Cersei. Cersei always believed she should be queen, that she could rule better than Robert or anyone else, and we see that in Sansa now as well with her open challenge of Jon Snow.

Comment 15 Jul 2017

Great list and all great games, but I just don't see how you can leave OSU's championship win over Oregon off that list. Also, unfortunately, the two best OSU-Michigan games of the last 20 years were both followed up by two of our worst losses of the last 20 years, which drops them down the list for me.

10) 2010 Rose Bowl v Oregon: Buckeye speed and power, also a tease for the TP era cut short by Tatgate.  9) 2001 v Michigan: good call on this one, could argue that this game was the turning point for the new era of Buckeye football. 8) 2006 Fiesta Bowl v ND: always fun to beat the domers, and man did the Buckeyes look good doing it. Hey, let's get another shot of Brady Quinn's sister grimacing as her future husband knocks him to the turf. 7) Tie 2016 v Michigan and 2006 v Michigan: don't think I've ever seen a more exciting Buckeye game, but . . . terrible offense a preview of things to come, and, well, best we never speak of the game that followed again. 2006 v Michigan was less exciting than the 2016 game, but still pretty damn exciting, and certainly a better played game, but . . . best we never speak of the game that followed again. 6) 2014 v MSU: the game that turned around the championship season, and man were the Buckeyes firing on all cylinders. 5) 2002 v Michigan: that defense, plus the gutty performance of a wincing Maurice Clarett. Oh, and the game that followed was pretty big for the Buckeyes. 4) 2014 B1G Championship v Wisconsin: Still, remarkably, the only B1G championship of the Urban era, and what a game it was. Nine units strong in a performance as flawless as any I've ever seen. 3) 2014 Championship v Oregon: IT WAS THE CHAMPIONSHIP. 2) 2014 Sugar Bowl v Alabama: Great game, great performances, iconic moments, got the SEC monkey off our back and led to the game mentioned just above. 1) 2002 Championship game v Miami: as good a game as the Alabama Sugar Bowl against a bigger favorite with an even tougher reputation. Nobody gave the Buckeyes a chance, and the Buckeyes won the damn game anyway. Miami fans, I've been drinking your tears for 15 years. They are delicious.

Comment 15 Jul 2017

He should have never dumped Messina!

Comment 15 Jul 2017

At the risk of stating the obvious, WOW! That is one hell of a class, and is not that far-fetched. I think we are in battles for Parsons, Tuliaupupu, Cook, and Carman, and wouldn't be surprised to see us miss on more than one of them, but also wouldn't be too surprised to see this class walk into the WHAC.