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Comment 20 May 2019

First, while everybody is busy trashing Benioff and Weiss, I'd like to start off by giving them their due. The GRRM source material was rich but unwieldy. I've read and enjoyed all the books, but if we're being honest, none of them need to be 1000 pages. D&D excelled at distilling that material into the compulsively watchable show that brought everyone to this point of complaining.

Second, I don't think there can be any question that the show suffered once it went beyond the books. D&D mistook outline for story and struggled with exposition and pacing. The consequence of these struggles was that the completion of character arcs (presumably discussed with and approved by GRRM) seemed arbitrary, implausible, or otherwise unsatisfying.

The best story-telling leaves its audience with the feeling that the outcomes were both surprising and inevitable. I'm not sure that D&D left us outcomes that seemed either. To be clear, I can accept that Daenarys goes "mad queen". I can accept that Bran ends up on the Iron Throne. I can even accept that Jon Snow goes away to live with his dog in the woods, but in none of these cases did D&D leave me with the feeling that these outcomes were necessary.  Rather than earn these endings, D&D rely too much on the audience to do the heavy lifting for them.

Comment 13 May 2019

No way Drogon survives. Arya gets him through the eye with an arrow, though she might not survive the fight. Could be a little foreshadowing with  Lil Lady Mormont and the way she went out taking down the giant.

Think Jon takes out Dany, probably with his dying breath having been mortally wounded fighting through Grey Worm.

Tyrion is a Targareyan. Sansa is the Stark in Winterfell. Ice and Fire come together in the end to unify Westeros.

Comment 12 May 2019

Bloodbath! Dany wants to “break the wheel” and she will get her wish, but breaking the wheel means destroying the game and all its players, including herself. As long as there are claims to the throne and questions of succession the wheel keeps rolling. 

Comment 08 May 2019

First, there has been one EPL winner in the last 10 years, and only three out of 20 teams competing in those last 10 finals were from the EPL. Second, Ajax was a good story. What Liverpool and Spurs just did in the last two days is an incredible story.

Comment 03 May 2019

I haven't followed Birm since he left this site, but I remember him writing here that different recruiting people treated the Crystal Ball thing differently. He wrote then that he regarded it as a fun toy and didn't treat his CB predictions particularly seriously. I don't know if his attitude has changed in this regard, but that is what it once was.

Comment 01 May 2019

I think Gendry is a dead end. Nowhere near enough time to develop a meaningful scenario in which he gains support for the throne. Tyrion, on the other hand, can do something "clever", like really clever, and perhaps gain the support of Dany and/or Jon and thereby the support of the realm, especially after everybody else is dead. Also, he might be the last guy with a dragon.

Comment 01 May 2019

Solid predictions.

I also think Tyrion survives, but the question is what role does he play.

The Bran question is absolutely central to how I end up feeling about this whole thing. Either he is integral to the end of the series, or he was entirely irrelevant throughout. I have faith in GRRM to resolve this in a satisfying manner (if he lives that long), and I hope the HBO team figures out what to do with Bran as well.

Comment 01 May 2019

I'd be fairly disappointed with Gendry taking the throne, but I like the idea of Tyrion finishing there. The Tyrion-as-king video posted above makes a pretty good case for it as well.

I won't make any predictions, but for me a satisfying end to this series has to integrate the Bran and the Knight King narrative into the outcome of the battle for the Iron Throne. The defeat of the army of the dead has to be transformational. It has to factor into how the game of thrones is decided. Otherwise the entire series has squandered at least half of its time on a sideshow spectacle.

Comment 01 May 2019

Not sure of the reddit theory, but there ought to be some reason to have kept Sam around for this long. It would've been very easy to kill him off last week. The fact that he survived should serve some greater narrative purpose. Being the author of A Song of Ice and Fire would be a logical and satisfying fit for the character and also fits with reported statements by GRRM that Sam is a kind of stand-in for him.

Comment 01 May 2019

The Guardian just published a bunch of fan theories for the end of GoT, most of which are ridiculous or deliberately "jokey" (one has Ghost sitting on the Iron Throne at the end). However the one included below seems pretty on the nose for me. 

All three main protagonists will die. Jon in battle, Daenerys in childbirth and Cersei at the hand of Arya wearing the face of Jaime. Daenerys and Jon’s daughter will inherit the throne with Tyrion as regent, and Varys and Bran on the small council. Sansa will be Queen of the North. The final scene will be an elderly Samwell Tarly, years later with George RR Martin in cameo, writing A Song of Ice and Fire – a history comprising the events of a Game of Thrones. Andrew Hadand, 29, audit associate, Birmingham


Comment 29 Apr 2019

Three things: First, loved the episode. The early willingness of the series to kill their babies (Ned Stark, the Red Wedding) paid off last night as I watched the whole episode ready for anybody to die. This adds to the tension of watching the battle and to the relief of seeing your favorites still standing at the end. The only two that I was convinced could not die last night were Jon and Dany which brings me to my second point; Dany and Jon and their dragons were useless last night. Do we really think either of these two ends up on the Iron Throne? Finally, do we care? Don't get me wrong. I love the series and loved last night's episode, but after the defeat of the Night King --the ultimate victory of the living over the dead, doesn't the battle for the Iron Throne seems comparatively trivial and inconsequential?

Comment 18 Apr 2019

While I suppose either Spurs or Ajax could surprise, Liverpool/Barcelona feels a lot more like a final than whatever comes next. Go Reds!