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Rank the importance of Urban's assistants

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February 15, 2014 at 1:59pm

How would Urban rank his assistants based on the overall importance to his entire program?  My top four would be (in order): Marotti, Fickell, Pantoni, Herman

Marotti is first because he spends so much time with the players during their development that Urban and the other coaches are unable to spend due to NCAA regulations.  Fickell is next since Urban expertise is on the offensive side of the ball which is why I placed Herman last as well.  I love Herman and think he will be an excellent head coach someday, but I think Urban could mold another young OC fairly easily.  Pantoni slides in at #3 because without great players, none of these other coaches would matter.  I'm tempted to place Pantoni #1, but I don't quite know how much impact he has on the recruiting class compared to Urban and his other assistants, plus I'm not sure how replaceable Pantoni would be.

What is your order for these four?  Should somebody replace one of these?

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