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Observations on Mike Mitchell, Fickell, Vrabel.

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February 10, 2014 at 8:03pm

Message to Mike Mitchell. All our best to you and your family. God speed to you. We were proud to have you as a Buckeye. You conducted yourself with grace and maturity. We understand, but we all wish you would return.

What I do not understand is why this immense talent was benched and redshirted while we were paper thin at linebacker. When Curtis Grant had a series of concussions. When we were forced to play an inadequate, unready, Cam Williams and Joe Burger. Might Mike Mitchell have stayed if he had gotten playing time? We will never know. We never got a down out of him. I have to question the decisions, yet again, of Luke Fickell. I wonder why Cam Burrows, Tre Johnson, Eli Apple, and Gareon Conley did not see playing time in another troubled area of our troubled defense. We have the athletes, our defensive coaches were simply to boneheaded to play them in a season that we had a shot at the big prize. I wondered why, in the MSU and Clemson games, Vrabel did not rotate our immensely talented and deep defensive lineman, when the starters were clearly gassed and Joey Bosa was hopping around on one leg. I further wish to point out just how corrosive Fickell has been within the coaching staff if the stories of Vrabel laying his hands on Meyer over Fickell, are true. When I think of Fickell I think of poorly coached positional players, horrible defensive calls, ridiculous decisions on redshirting and substitutions, and, dissention on the coaching staff. "Did we win"? Please! I don't care how "great a Buckeye" he is.

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