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Angry Team, Angry Coaches

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February 8, 2014 at 10:43am

Let's be honest.  With the Defense playing the way it was, and how the Offense went into a shell at the end of the year, it would have probably gotten ugly against FSU.  While I would have loved to at least won the Orange Bowl, I think losing it as well as the MSU game could end up benefitting the team even more in the year's to come.  With the master of motivation at the helm, he's got plenty of fuel to get his "Angry Team and Angry Coaches" back.


I know that's a "glass half full" statement, but I can't wait until the fall to see who shows up.  I know the first game is at Navy, but I think it will be very telling what type of season lies ahead when we see how the team comes out.  The Triple option isn't easy to defend, but if we see glimpses of the Silver Bullets, it could turn into a special season.  If things go as they did the last time tOSU played Navy, then it might be another long, painful season watching what was formerly known as the Defense.



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