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February 7, 2014 at 6:52am

Hey guys. I recently spoke to someone who works in the Athletic Department  and wanted to pass along some info:

  • Larry Johnson: He said that he is one of the most down to earth and humble people. Hes very much a father figure within the coaching staff and the players are already responding positively to his presence.
  • Chris Ash: He said that Chris is all business. He hates to lose and that's one of the things that attracted him to Ohio State. They are setup to win and win now. I asked him about why Arkansas's defense was so horrible last year under Ash. He said that Ash told him that Arkansas secondary was one of the most timid groups hes ever coached. They hated contact and tackling. Because of this he had to scheme his defense around that which is a nightmare as a defensive coach.
  • The rumor about Vrabel laying his hands on Urban is absolutely false. Vrabel saw an opportunity to move up and had Urban's blessing.
  • Marcus Baugh is on his way back from trouble but is going to have to jump through some hoops to make it back in Urban's good graces. As long as he stays on the straight and narrow he will be a starter at TE in the future. They specifically didn't go hard after any TE other than Gesicki because they feel good about where they are right now with the other TEs.

Hope you enjoy this stuff and have a good weekend!!!

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