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Who Watched Scotty Middleton Last Night?

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March 31, 2023 at 1:27pm

Did anyone watch Scotty Middleton play ball last night? His team beat #1 montverde with a late 3 by him. He's as good an overall player as I've seen come in during h. term. He'll get starter minutes and likely start sooner than later, if not from day one. He's the best ball handling wing h. has recruited. 

I wasn't expecting much from his o last night, having heard his d is further advanced. Last night, his o was as good as his d. He has a slight build, but his athleticism stood out even while playing in the geico national quarter finals, against the #1 rated team in the tourney. And they have helluva athletes all over the place. 

Biancardi said espn moved him into the top 25 players recently, which makes him the highest rated player coming in. I don't agree with a lot of ratings but this one seems legit, if one can judge off of one performance. 

I don't know why kansas didn't recruit him heavily but osu will reap the windfall of them missing on him. 

If one didn't know anything about him, the two things that stood out would be his athleticism and ballhandling. Both are outstanding, especially for a 6-6, 190# wing. 

One thing for sure, secpn didn't move him inside the top 25 soley because he's going to osu. 

Imho he's quite a get. 

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