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Comment 15 Nov 2019

I guess you didn't follow the tressel situation as well as you think you did. There was no chance osu was up for lack of inst. control charge. Zero! You repeat the line that is the best known line about tressel-that he lied to the ncaa. But although often repeated, it isn't factual. He told the ncaa everything he knew, in other words he was completely honest with the ncaa. Everyone seems to forget, he met with the ncaa after he retired/was forced out from osu.

Tressel's problem was osu-he wasn't forthcoming with his boss about everything he knew. He said what he learned from a lawyer, he thought was protected, confidential information, that he couldn't share with anyone, including his boss. That's honorable, but he did need to share that with smith, and let smith make the proper determination from there. That put smith in the unenviable position of sticking up for osu, without all the information that was available, both to the ncaa and the bowl committee that was determining if osu should still be invited. 

Even if one credits tressel for protecting/sticking up for his players. He was dead wrong, and he paid the ultimate price for that. Like it or not, smith likely did the right thing by, vacating the season-as trivial as the infraction seems today. 

The problem a lot of people have with smith is that he didn't offer the ncaa a bowl ban in 2011. That class if any, should have been the one to be banned from a bowl, since that class was the most involved in the 'scandal'. Smith and gee's lack of insight as to the ncaa's feeling about being lied to by osu prior to the '10 bowl game-the 1st victory over an sec team in a bowl, was a vast underestimation of how pissed off the ncaa was at osu. 

But the coup de gras of that whole situation, and the dissatisfaction with smith stems from what happened in 2012. An undefeated 12-0 osu sat on the sideline during the national championship game with an ncaa ban on postseason play. A 1 loss bama beat the brakes off of notre dame-because! What's new? Many think, rightfully so, if smith bans the '11 team from a bowl, osu beats the brakes off notre dame to win myer's 1st national title at osu. 

I see why many credit smith for most of his hires, but are disgruntled toward him because he badly misplayed/judged the ncaa and how they felt about him and osu after the '10 season, and the investigation. Osu fans take their natty's pretty seriously and if they hold a grudge against him for costing osu a title, he's the one that has to bear it. And that's a reasonable position, given what happened. 

You are the one that needs to go back and check the facts, not the reporting! You are awfully presumptuous to think that anyone thought that 'nothing' was the deserved penalty. It's funny that you state what isn't a realistic position, given the facts, but you didn't give facts. You just repeated the same old tired, lazy refrain from what you heard others say. 

Myer fell into smith's lap. The expression smith waking up on third and thinking he hit a triple comes to mind. 

Comment 12 Nov 2019

It doesn't matter the source, but how likely did the gf or young tell one on the md. staff? It wouldn't have come from the family so the only realistic source is whomever the gf told. Or more likely the source of the loan himself-people like to brag when they got something on someone famous. I know cy, man, I even loaned him some bread. Look at me!!

So next week, after the rutgers beatdown, someone from rutgers is the snitch? Priceless!

Even though brainless people love conspiracy theories, does anyone think it possible that day's focus for the team last week was-let's do everything we can, to dominate our opponent in the first half. Knowing full well that the starters wouldn't be playing much, if at all in the 2nd half, if the 1st half went the way they hoped it would. There's a reason he had fields throw 25 passes in the 1st half, knowing that is the normal number in a game for him. He had to get a game's worth of plays out of the 1st team in the 1st half, knowing they wouldn't be playing the second half. 

If they'd have played the 1st team in the 2nd half, and ran up the score, there'd be some reasonable speculation as to what was behind it. But having a successful onside kick, (did md. do that last year? memories???) and managing the clock at the end of the 1st half for a punt block attempt, while seemingly cutthroat, is playing aggressively, as he promised his team he would during the week. If you talk to your team about being aggressive all week, does that take some of the adversity of cy, off of the players minds?

How is it day's fault that md. couldn't stop the 2nd team from scoring 31 pts. in the 2nd half? Doesn't he have an obligation to osu and those players to get them as ready as they can be for whenever they may be needed? If md. could've stop the 2nd team, the score was 42-14. That's solely on md. not osu. 

Comment 11 Nov 2019

They're #293 in free throws. 2 games doesn't make a trend, but that's really horrible, especially if you're guards are shooting bad. Who do you have on the floor at the end of a game, if they can't make free throws? Young has been bad since day one, so no expectations there. Kaleb has actually gone down since high school, he shot 85% as a senior. It's no wonder he's a good shooter, even from distance. 

I think H. needs to add another number to his memory chart for the players. #293

It'd be nice to watch that number go down the rest of the season. Hopefully they can get it under 100.

Comment 11 Nov 2019

An assistant coach told the team at the half that he didn't like the effort-hence the dives on the floor. I don't think there's much of a choice if you are going to play for H. Carton is sharing the load, he shouldn't hit a wall, especially since his d is at half effort of lu mu's last year. 

They're not thin at all, even with 2 players out, there's still 9 that can play, that's certainly not thin. 

Carton looked good against a poor team, against cinc. he struggled-most of the big will be cinc. or better, expect that to be the floor he has to grow against. Walker's veteran leadership and experience will be invaluable over the year, both to carton and the team. 

Comment 08 Nov 2019

It feels like it helps fox in more ways than one. Having the psu game at noon literally took it away from espn-they would have taken the game had it been at 8. It seems like the Big may be sticking it to espn any way they can, especially when they can say no to 8 pm and espn then elects not to show the game. It also means gameday isn't going to cols., since fox's pregame show is coming for two hours.  

Hitting espn where it counts, in the pocketbook. If next year's whiteout is a nooner, you'll know it's not an anomaly. 

Comment 08 Nov 2019

That's like saying there's a big difference between aug. nfl and dec.-jan. nfl. Kind of a no brainer, no? 

These games are the exhibition games that colleges don't get to play. Anyone expecting a masterpiece is just setting himself up for a huge letdown. Especially when you play a team with good defense. They are used soley for getting your team ready quicker, and if you win, your resume. 

Are you saying games shouldn't be played until T-day, or tough games shouldn't be played until then? Because extending practice 3 more weeks isn't going to get the teams any more ready to play a tough team T-day, than they are today. You can't practice with that kind of effort and pace. 

If you have a good team, you should be playing these types of games, does it matter if it's the 1st or 7th game? It let's a coach gauge where his team is and it's good for the fans. Although less than 14k sold, is pathetic for this game, that means about 11k actually showed up.  I'd rather these games than the 7 home cupcakes iu has to start their season. I don't care if they do win by an avg. of 30 pts. But I don't think either philosophy makes any difference of where a team is, at the end of the season. The conference you play in is what toughens you up, for the ncaa. 

Comment 08 Nov 2019

That's for certain, cinci might be top 50 at the end of the year. Those others are all top 10 or higher. Part of va. good defense is having such an effective offense. I believe they were 7th last year in efficiency. When you make a team work on the defensive end, they'll be less effective on the offensive end. 

I doubt va. has a game all year that they give up 16 O-rebounds. 

Comment 08 Nov 2019

 O. R. was a pro when cinc. beat osu in the finals. So yeah, I guess it was cinc. that beat osu. If they have a chip on their shoulders maybe it's because of dumbasses like you that don't give them the respect that they deserve. Or because osu wouldn't play them in bb because of those losses-and bragging rights in ohio. The first time osu would agree to play them was when they had oden, conley, over in indy. In other words when they were certain to win. 

Maybe some of the fences have been mended with this series, and if h. continues to play all the little brothers (C. X. D. ) in oh., home and home. There's many years those little brothers haven't been inferior to osu, but who would know if osu continued to duck them? 

Comment 08 Nov 2019

The first 8 minutes were tough, but they scored 19 pts. in the last 12 minutes. Until they get guys that create their own shots of course they'll have the same issues. If they hadn't moved w. out of the paint they'd have lost the game. H. said Cinc. wouldn't let them run any offense in the 1st half. It's not a bad move just because w. isn't where one thinks he's supposed to be. The other coach commended H. for the move, said H. is a very good coach and that it changed the game. 

Comment 01 Nov 2019

It's no different than last year, a couple frosh will play heavy minutes and the other two less. The difference is both have experienced players in their positions so they get to share and learn, so less pressure on them. These frosh get breathers, more fouls at their position, shared playing time-both at forward and pg, they can be on the court at the same time. And the leadership at their positions is invaluable. 

Comment 25 Oct 2019

To the recruitniks out there, when's the last time osu has had double digits in 3 stars, they're at nine now? '11 or '12 perhaps? Scary to think where that can lead. I don't want to be a um or a psu. Thankfully one year doesn't make a trend, but how many 3 stars did they have in myer's last year? They only had 3 last year, whew... and one of them, a rather big man,  is going to make some jack in the nfl soon enough.