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Comment 04 Jan 2020

You can cherry pick any stat you want. The bottom line is they shot 45%, 50%, and 88% in the second half. That's damn impressive, you won't lose many games with those stats. But the to's and drb have to be cleaned up. 

Anyone that wants diallo or any of the other bench jockeys in there is just looking for a change, or is an idiot. That simple. 

Comment 03 Jan 2020

Two things;  you've heard of intangibles-that's also what young brings. Then, it affects the rotations, the position andre plays, the minutes ej plays, and who's on the floor, when-including crunch time. He is also the glue guy every team needs, much like tate was. Young would have made the difference tonight, for one-he would have cut ej's minutes, that alone would have been enough to win the game. He was abysmal tonight. 

Comment 03 Jan 2020

You seriously want two players that don't get out of their warmups, to replace the best player on the team? They're bench jockeys for good reason. You are really reaching for the stars with that thought. 

Both teams looked exhausted to me. 

I have no idea what foul trouble you are refering to. Did any osu player foul out? Veterans can play with four fouls and not foul out. Especially the wessons, they've played a lot of minutes, and yes, with 3 and 4 fouls. 

If you look at the 2nd half stats, osu was impressive shooting the ball. That means to's and defensive reb's killed them. That simple. 

Comment 03 Jan 2020

Like it or not, this is h. youngest team he has coached. A mark of a young team is inconsistency, especially when two freshmen are supposed to be major contributors. They seemed to be out of sync and out of sorts on offense, that happens when they don't make shots. The biggest factor is giving wi. an extra 26 possesions with to's and off. reb's. Cut that in half and you win the game, probably 6 less would have done it. Second game in a row they were throwing passes to air. 14 to's in a slow paced, half court game is extremely high. This is a good team, probably not top 20 as young as they are-and with that, the inconsistency. 

After the wv game I put them at a 6 seed, see no reason to move them off that line. Fewer to's and better rebounding, their biggest buggaboo this year, and they could move up. One has to wonder though, if they can rebound better defensively, it hasn't shown through, to date. Maybe young makes that big a difference-rebounding? 

Comment 26 Dec 2019

Osu fans and administration need to worry about all the basketball schools, KY, NC, DUKE, KAN., AZ. etc. 

You have to hope he's loyal and osu can lock him up to a top 5 contract, long term with a nice buyout, anti-incentive to break. But he did grow up there, and rooted for them. 

Comment 26 Dec 2019

Take the first 3 letters in your monikor- PRO then add 4 more letters-JECT and you'll have an idea why he isn't playing. He's not consistent, a coach needs to trust what he's getting, and H. has no idea what he'll get on any night from him. He will be good, just not this year. 

Comment 07 Dec 2019

I like that snyder is his own man, can make his own decision for His personal benefit. Can't imagine how hard it was for him, and then to tell the osu staff, some tough stuff there. If you aren't getting what you need where you are, there's no harm in finding a place that you think will benefit you in the long term. I don't care if he goes to russia to train, if it benefits Him. 

For those that think this is harmful to osu, how much can it hurt, other than perception? Psu is kicking everyone's ass-on the mat and in recruiting, and in development. And titles. That won't change because snyder found a place that he thinks can take him to the next level. His concern is world titles and what he has to do to make that happen. Which is the only concern he should have. 

Comment 06 Dec 2019

Except, by their standards, this is a terrible shooting team. If a team hasn't shot 50% in 1 game, nor scored 80 pts. in one either, something that nc hasn't done for the 1st time since '59/'60, that is a pretty bad team by their standards. They certainly aren't a top 30 team by any means. Unless the acc is down, they are going to be in the middle of the league.