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Comment 13 Mar 2020

It may be telling, but it certainly is presumptuous to base a contract detail solely on presumed recruiting misses. And if one says in fairness...then he should also in fairness mention that the silent verbal was for less than 48 hours, because as soon as the player talked to texas, he reneged on his 'silent' to osu, and said he felt pressured into committing. 

Comment 13 Mar 2020

Since h. through osu leads to speculation about gaff. there's only one likely possibility. He got into the same weeds that kaleb did last year. If it was an attitude suspension, h. would have taken responsibility for that, like he did earlier in the year. If it was educational h. or osu would likely have announced it as such a suspension, many teams do. H. didn't mention that is was team related rather than osu or ncaa related. 

Comment 12 Mar 2020

They'll re-think it alright, especially with the baseball postseason going on. It's fitting that they get the same scenario that osu had last year. A nooner is fine for a big game. Maybe the students will be yawning instead of yelling. 

Fields will get plenty of notoriety next year, he'll be playing well into the 4th quarter in most of the games with an inexperienced defense giving up points galore, at least until they get their feet under them. 

Comment 27 Feb 2020

I didn't think diallo or gaffney would get many minutes this year. The real question is, would they be here five years? Diallo maybe, gaffney not likely. H. must not like to r-shirt. You'd think with a full squad next year, someone would rshirt, but that's not likely with h. When playing good teams most coaches don't go beyond 8 players. If a player is only going to play 12 games or less, and average less than 6 minutes per game, he should rshirt. He'll be a hell of a lot bigger asset in year 5 than year one. The last aspect is-there are some players you don't want around 5 years-if you can out recruit that position in the mean time. To this point h. has struggled to get better than average players into the program. But to give him credit, those players are better as a whole than they are individually. 

His frosh are all going to be starters and really good players here, in time and assuming gaffney has the patience to stick around. Next years frosh are avg. players nationally but they do have a high potential to be good to very good big 10 players.The experts say one is the best big in new york, and the other is one of the better shooters nationally.  He has 2 players signed for 22, one good, one avg. nationally. There's room for 2-3 more and it's looking like they'll be good to very good nationally based on who he's recruiting. If he can get one difference maker in either of the next two classes, the team improves exponentially. And that is who he is recruiting-difference makers. 

With next year looking like a top ten team-potentially for the whole year, good players should want to go to osu to be a part of the excellence and championship contenders. 

Comment 20 Feb 2020

Hearing him announce osu games was one of the great pleasures in life. He was a buckeye homer, still, you could hear the passion from him in every game. Remembering one costly fumble from osu still evokes memories of his passion. No, no, no, no, no! It was as if he, himself had fumbled and cost the team the game. Passionate!

Comment 19 Feb 2020

The double signing period is it currently stands. It started out as an August and Feb. period which would be better in some ways. It was intended for those that already knew where they wanted to go, to sign early, before their last high school season and have it behind them. That was solely for the ones that knew like, ohio kids going to osu, bama kids going to bama etc. There's a ton of local kids that would go to the local college, where their hearts were already set, perhaps for years. 

The early signing period's original intent was for those that already knew where they wanted to go, to sign and get it out of the way, so they could enjoy their senior season without any pressure. They also hoped it would relieve coaches from having to babysit players and recruit those same players all year long. Win-win. Except college coaches began to use it to pressure the players into believing there wouldn't be a schollie for them-if they waited until the later signing period. 

The ncaa caved to the coaches and admins and now they have the two winter signings, which is so close together, that it's dumb.  For some it's a mess, for others it's just status quo. Maybe they won't get it right in 4 or 5 years, hopefully they'll make it better tho. They could try the Aug.-Feb. signing periods. Not likely it would be worse than the current formula. 

Comment 19 Feb 2020

Why can't YOU except other's view? Maybe you can learn something about yourself? Is there a rule somewhere that one has to be fanatical about any team? 

I see good and bad in any team, not afraid to speak to either side of it. That's being fair to the sport. Fanboys like yourself can be good, critics can be good. There are no one way streets in fandom. 

Comment 17 Feb 2020

UD one thing is certain, he's not coming back. H. wouldn't have recruited one over the limit and included a big if w. hadn't told him prior to the season that he is gone. 

I don't know anything about the nba but, if w. is the 35th best player available to the nba, something is drastically wrong. He's a good college player, but that puts him in a group of hundreds of players. How is he better than 3rd team/honorable mention, in the Big? Even if he were to be drafted, no way he makes a team. 

Comment 14 Feb 2020

Chuck, you no read too good. 

There's two reasons you submit to dna, you know it's going to be found, you know it isn't going to be found. There a 100% chance his dna will be on her, if she went to the hospital that night, if her version is true. Also, with dna tranference, him being a roommate, there's a very likely chance that his dna would be on her clothes and even her extremeties, if she sat where he sat, touched places he had touched, etc., even if he hadn't participated. 

The lawyers have to go for the consensual act, with the roommates dna all over her. Recording is a bad idea, even moreso when she is crying and is told to say it's consensual and take a shower when she gets home. That's a bad look, and won't play well with a jury. 

Comment 09 Feb 2020

Call it what you want? I'd call it an anomoly, and I mean the 11-1 start. If you pick between the two, which is the real team, the first half of the season or the second half. They have come back to their mean, and it and the competition has proven it to be true. 

Many thought that osu was one of the top teams in college and their expectations followed osu's 11-1 path. Now that osu has come back to their mean, the players and coaches are turrible. They are the same team that will dance for a game or two, which should have been the preseason expectation and the ceiling. They've improved from last year, but they're still the exact same guys that H. didn't know how they were going to score last year. Nothing changed-except crazy expectations. Period.