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Analytical Reflection on Last Year's Roster (And Maybe Some Hope for Next Season)

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May 20, 2022 at 2:01pm

Just looking at a couple of college basketball analytical sites (Evan Miya and Bart Torvik) for all this transfer stuff the past couple months made me curious to look at the osu roster as a whole. Not that it was surprising, but damn, it is crazy to see the ratings drop off from the front half of the roster compared to the back half.

Before I list the ratings, I would like to say I don't think they are the end all be all when analyzing the program. But they are another data point(s) in gaining some insight. The fact the EJ was rated by one site as the #2 overall player in the country (Torvik) and as the #11 player in the Big 10 by Miya tells you to take it with a grain of salt. On the other hand, Torvik's system is not a big fan of Isaac Likekele buy Evan Miya loves him some Ice.

I do think that the last two Buckeye teams came up short in 3 major areas: (1) Team Defense (2) Quantity of Versatile Scoring Options and (3) Overall Quality Depth. I think these lists illustrate that there's a huge opportunity to greatly improve #2 and #3. If that happens, will it make up for likely not having nearly as dynamic scoring duos as we have had the last two years with EJ and Duane and EJ and Malaki? I have no idea. But I am hoping, along with our defense improving quite a bit as well, we get a chance to find out.

Bart Torvik Ratings

EJ Liddell- 6.0
M. Branham- 4.1
K. Young- 2.9
J. Wheeler- 2.4
Z. Key (returning)- 2.3
J. Sotos- 1.2
C. Russell- 1.0
J. Ahrens- .9
E. Brown (returning)- .8
J. Brunk- .7
M. Johnson- .1

Injured Players
J. Sueing- 3.3 (20-21' season)
S. Towns- 1.3 (20-21' season)
T. Holden- 4.3 and 4.2 last two seasons
S. McNeil- 3.4 and 3.4
Isaac Likekele- 1.3 and 2.1

Evan Miya's Big 10 rankings (minimum of 150 possessions)

EJ- 11th out of 139 qualifying players
Kyle- 15th
Malaki- 27th
Zed (returning)- 29th
Jamari- 31st
Justin- 68th
Eugene (returning)- 82nd
Sotos- 88th
Brunk- 100th
Russell- 117th
Meechie- 126th

Injured Players
Justice- 45th out of 131 players in 20-21'
Seth- 60th out of 131

Tanner- 2nd out of 113 and 5th out of 107 in the last two seasons in the Horizon
Sean- 66th out of 101 and 35th out of 107 in last two seasons in Big 12
Ice- 43rd out of 101 and 19th out of 107 in last two seasons in Big 12

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