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Comment 2 hours ago
I think they get Burton, Sotos, or another sit one year ball handling guard. I think they hold put with their roster (as long as nobody else leaves) unless they get a Dakich like transfer that is ok with probably even less mins than what Andrew got. I think us fans, including myself, get locked into the 5 positions of basketball: pg, sg, sf, pf, c. Based on how many times Holtmann brings up versatilty and positionless basketball, I think he looks at the roster like this: Primary ball handlers: walker, washington Wings: Sueing (3rd option as primary ball handler), Towns, Jallow, Ahrens, Brown Interior Players: Young, Liddell, Key, Diallo Luther would be in the wing group. He maybe would be in the 3rd primary ball handler spot, but I still think that would likely be Sueing. It's hard to undersell Luther as a defender. But he was an ok ballhandler (I think Sueing and Towns are as good or better) and a very streaky outside shooter. Towns, Ahrens, and Brown (by HS rep) are better shooters. Jallow and Sueing are better athletes. And all of the wings are between 6'5" and 6'7". Luther is 6'3." Again, no doubt we are going to miss Luther's defense. And it is not like I wanted him to leave. But if I could choose between Duane and Luther, it is not even close. Duane's shooting and scoring and ability to play some mins at PG are way more valuable in my humble opinion.
Comment 3 hours ago
I was wrong with my Ahrens guess (hopefully), but I gotta pat myself on the back for my 2nd sentence: 'Some transfers can catch you completely off guard.'
Comment 3 hours ago
I get that opinion. But Bill Landis, who covers the Bucks for The Athletic, doesn't think they necessarily go after a grad transfer guard that aggressively, at least not like they are for a sit one transfer. He says that Luther was never going to be a main controbutor in the ball handling spot like walker and washington. And he doesn't think Holtmann sees much of a distinction between sg and wing. And they have a lot of wing options with Sueing, Jallow, Ahrens, and Eugene Brown.
Comment 5 hours ago
Are you kidding? 3 of our starters will likely be transfers next season. CJ Walker (starter on an Elite 8 fsu team) Justice Sueing (pac 10 freshmen of the year at Cal, averaged 14 pts as a soph) Seth Towns (Ivy league player of the year) They are also on the final lists for two quality mid major guards: Trey Wertz and Jamarius Burton
Comment 6 hours ago
Gaffney- part delusional/part did not like school. I will blame Holtmann for recruiting him, so I will give you that. Carton- I am sorry, but I don't see how you can blame Holtmann for a kid that transfers due to mental health issues. It sounds like he had minor issues with it his senior year of HS, but was it enough to be discussed in the recruiting process? I kinda doubt it. Potter- Holtmann did not recruit Micah Potter or Kaleb Wesson. He was never going to play those two together for extended mins. That's not his fault he inherited those players.
Comment 6 hours ago
I agree. But I would add a grad transfer guard to the mix. Even if it is a Dakich caliber player, I think they definitely need one now. I was all about just focusing on a sit one pg transfer when Carton left and I still hope we land one. But adding a pg or combo guard that can play right away seems pretty crucial now. The silver lining could be that they add a guard that is either a true pg or comfortable handling the ball and Duane can play exclusively off the ball.
Comment 6 hours ago
Why should Holtmann adjust his offense for a player that was 8th on the team in scoring (7.0ppg), despite being 4th on the team in mins (25 mpg) and shot 38% from the field? It's not like he wasn't given ample opportunities. He started 55 of 64 career games. Luther just had crazy long cold shooting streaks when he could not hit the broad side of a barn. You can knock Holtmann for not helping Luther develop his offense more in 2 seasons. But you can't really say he was holding him back.
Comment 7 hours ago
College basketball in 2020. As of March 31st, there were 525 D1 players in the portal. There have been approx 700 transfers in each of the last 3 years. Adam Jardy, Columbus Dispatch, was on the radio last week. He said from the time period of the beginning of the 2018-19 season until then, the Buckeyes had 3 transfers (Potter, Ledee, Carton- don't think Gaffney counted because he is going pro). Only 3 Big 10 teams had less transfers in that time period. Obviously this changes with Luther gone, but the point remains the same. It is basically happening everywhere. I love Luther, but if he wants a bigger role in the offense, I am cool with Holtmann being a straight shooter. Washington is the better offensive player at his same position and the Buckeyes are adding two double digit scorers from other D1 programs in Towns and Sueing. Add in a steady pg in Walker and a potential star in Liddell, why would Holtmann pronise Luther a bigger role in the offense? It would be a lie. This sucks and I did not see this coming at all. But I don't think the program is falling apart because of these transfers.
Comment 7 hours ago
Musa will probably play a bigger role, but he does not have the ball handling skills or proven scoring of Muhammad. I am guessing they now will be going after a grad transfer guard in addition to a sit one year transfer. It is possible if the ncaa grants the one time waiver, the potential sit one year transfers will become immediately available. Eugene Brown may be an option as well. We just don't know how ready he will be as a true freshmen.
Comment 04 Apr 2020
No thanks. Seems like a volume scorer (shooting percentages are not stellar). Based on his stats, he did not play much pg, or if he did, he did not pass much. And finally, he only has 1 year of eligibility.
Comment 03 Apr 2020
It's not sudden. There have been roughly 700 Division 1 transfers the last 3 years. As of March 31st, there were already 525 transfers in the portal. I think there are varied reasons. Generally players don't have as much patience as they used to sticking with tough situations. And it seems like more and more parents are either helping push their kids out or at the least not telling them to stick it out. As for Sueing, he played on 8-23 and 8-24 Cal teams. My guess is he was sick of losing. As for Walker, his minutes were going downhill his soph year at the expense of a true freshmen (MJ Walker). Maybe he did not like that trend and saw the writing on the wall. Again, that is just a guess. The Bucks are going after a guard from Wichita State that led the team in mins, Jamarius Burton. That team won 23 games and 6 of his teammates are transferring as well. Who the heck knows with that situation? But I am guessing the behind the scenes stuff is pretty ugly. But again, all we can do is guess and realize that this high transfer rate is here to stay. I am just glad that Holtmann has cashed in on some good ones. Hopefully he can add another one in Burton, Trey Wertz, or another lead guard.
Comment 03 Apr 2020
I think you had it right both times. I think both Sueing and Towns will both start, as long as both are 100% healthy. I think they are the two closest to being locks along with CJ. As I have mentioned before though, Holtmann is pretty fluid with his starting lineups, much more so than Thad ever was. So I think Duane, Luther, Kyle, and EJ will all have multiple games they start and maybe even Musa or Justin as well depending on potential injuries. And I could see Towns and/or Sueing coming off the bench, but I just don't see it as being likely.
Comment 03 Apr 2020
Burton isn't primarily a PG? He has damn good assist numbers for someone who isn't, heck even for someone who is. He led Wichita State in assists in both of his seasons. And his assist numbers per 40 mins in both seasons (5.8 and 5.1) tops those of Carton (5.0) and Walker (4.8) last year. I would be thrilled with either Wertz or Burton. Wertz's shooting numbers across the board are really impressive. But Burton's soph shooting numbers are solid and he has a stronger assist/turnover ratio, also playing against a little stronger competition. But both have great size , experience, and based on their strong assist numbers, seem very unselfish. Given the fact they would most likely be given a full year to learn the system and be around their coaches and teammates, both seem very capable of stepping in as a starter in the 2021-22 season. Off subject a little, but has anyone heard any rumors of where DJ Carton might end up? I have not heard a peep.
Comment 01 Apr 2020
To add to this comment, the G League is a much better destination than it used to be. Until 2018, the base salaries were 19k and 26k. In 2018, they got bumped to $35k, not bad for 5 months of basketball. Also, two other things to keep in mind: 1. 2020 is considered to be a pretty weak draft class, which helps his chances. 2. The NBA recently expanded their rosters from 15 to 17 players. The two extra spots are for 2 way players that mainly play on the G League affiliate but can play a certain amount of games in the NBA if the team chooses.
Comment 01 Apr 2020
In your humble opinion. In my humble opinion, this year we are perfectly fine. Next year, we definitely need someone to be a lead guard, preferably a starter, in my humble opinion. I think if they don't land a sit one transfer they want this year or can't due to Kaleb returning, they will almost certainly go after a grad transfer pg next Spring.