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Comment 12 hours ago
I have no idea why this was downvoted. I think both things can be true: Penn State is a better team than they showed today, especially in the last 10 mins. The wheels just came off and the Bucks couldn't miss. I think psu could definitely be a tourney team and definitely end up giving the Buckeyes a game in Happy Valley. On the other hand, the Buckeyes cemented themselves as an elite team this week. That is a weaker UNC team than usual and both Penn State and UNC had some tough breaks that hurt their teams. But good teams take advantage and win those games. Great teams take advantage and destroy those teams. The Buckeyes won those games by a combined 57 pts. Add in the Nova blowout and a couple of slugfest in state wins against decent squads (Cincy and Kent State), and I am not sure there is a team with a better resume' in the country.
Comment 05 Dec 2019
Ahrens missed nearly the entire offseason due to a back injury. Not saying he would definitely be part of the rotation if he were 100% healthy, but Justin could be a different player by the time January/February rolls along. It is a long season and the Big 10 is a grind. I don't see anyone losing major mins out of the current 8 man rotation, but I would not count out Ahrens, Gaffney, and maybe even Jallow making some significant contributions at some point in the season.
Comment 29 Nov 2019
1. No game preview for tonight's match-up? I know it is against Morgan State and tomorrow is The Game, but sheesh. We are #10 in the country. Maybe I missed it. 2. Been really impressed with Duane Washington Jr. It will be interesting to see if he remains in the starting lineup. Besides the scoring and shooting which have been great, he has really taken care of the ball well (knock on wood). Outside of the Nova game (0 assists, 4 turnovers), he has 13 assists and 1 turnover. He is letting the game come to him and maybe some of that can be attributed to being a starter. Again, knock on wood. 3. We seem to have a set 8 man rotation as long as everyone stays healthy: cj, luther, duane, kyle, kaleb, dj, ej, and andre. Hard to see any of those 8 leaving the rotation unless they got injured or suspended. Big question: will Gaffney, Ahrens, or Musa (if he gets healthy and plays) become a regular rotational player. I think all 3 will get situational playing time. It's a long season and stuff happens (foul trouble, injuries, specific match-ups, etc.). But I don't know if any of the 3 will get consistent mins.
Comment 26 Nov 2019
The selection of osu basketball apparel is pretty terrible overall. Even Homage (columbus based t-shirt company) hasn't had osu basketball options for a few years. They do have Garfield OSU shirts though. So there's that.
Comment 26 Nov 2019
Normally I would somewhat agree with this take, but there is a little more to this situation you may not be aware of. 1. Unlike last year's SJA game, OSU decided to not make this part of the season ticket package. That's 7,500 fans. I am sure some of those fans paid extra to get the game, but even if half of them did, that's nearly 4k who otherwise would have been there. 2. They did this because the sja game had so much interest last year (it was a sell out) and they wanted more fans to have an opportunity to attend that normally don't go to games. 3. I was part of the approximately 9k that was at the game. Though I wish it was 13k, those 9k were loud and locked into the game. It was no wine and cheese crowd. 4. It was a November weekday game against a mid major opponent. As much as I wish this was more of a basketball town, you have to face reality. There are a lot of casual Buckeye basketball fans that start really paying attention and supporting the team after the football season. They certainly outnumber the Nov-March fans like ourselves. 5. Over 16k showed up for the weekday win over Nova. Yeah that's 2k short of a sell out. But (1) that's more fans than a vast majority of the arena sizes in the Big 10 and the country (2) who in the hell wants to sit in the upper bowl behind the baskets at The Schott? I am a die hard Buckeye hoops fan. Not sure I would sit in those seats for free.
Comment 25 Nov 2019
You missed 3 straight questionable charge calls (against Kaleb, Kyle, and EJ), that were all by the same ref. The officiating was terrible both ways. And I will go to my grave believing that Larry Shciratto (the short, buzz cut ref that called the 3 consecutive charges against the Bucks) is biased against Ohio State. I cringe every time I see him on the court for a Buckeye game.
Comment 25 Nov 2019
I think you guys both make some great points. The only point that I have a major disagreement with is that the upper bowl experience in SJA is equally as bad as The Schott. I was at the Cleveland State game last year in lower bowl and was able to spot my brother and some friends in the upper bowl. The crazy thing is I could actually see their faces and what clothes they were wearing. If it was a similar situation in The Schott, there is no way I would know what they were wearing in the dark abyss. Both my brother and my friends commented on how surprised they were to feel that close to the action despite being in the upper bowl. They had sat up there 20 plus years ago but The Schott's upper bowl experience had made them forget how you can still have an enjoyable experience from seats up so high. I am sitting in Section 14 B (balcony) tonight and I am pumped. I would never feel that way about an upper bowl seat at The Schott.
Comment 23 Nov 2019
Pretty amazing that no player on the team has taken more than 10 shots in any single game (Carton 10 against Nova, Liddell 10 against Stetson). I know 4 of the 5 games were blowouts so some main guys aren't getting that many mins, but that still kinda blows my mind. The fact that in 3 of the 5 games (including a tight game versus Cincy), no one put up double digit shot attempts shows how unselfish this team is.
Comment 19 Nov 2019
I think the 6% is all attributed to Kent State. Purdue Fort Wayne and Morgan State aren't much better than Stetson on paper, though Fort Wayne did beat Stetson by 23 a few days ago. Kent State may win the MAC and end up being an NCAA tourney team. They are #108 overall in KenPom rankings (out of 353 teams). For perspective, that's 21 spots ahead of Big 10 foe Nebraska and 27 spots ahead of giant killer Evansville. I still expect the Buckeyes to win obviously. But I expect that game (played at St.John Arena) will be pretty competitive. I would imagine they have something like a 5.8% chance of winning and the other 2 teams combined have a .2% chance.
Comment 13 Nov 2019
It's funny to read some of the comments from Buckeye fans on here and on social media. There is a lot of doom and gloom, giving the Bucks little chance to win. And honestly I know very little about Nova. I go with the 'ignorance is bliss' outlook with our non conference opponents. Heck, I was a little nervous with umass lowell because I found out they had a kid who scored 51 pts in a game. But what I think we fail to realize is that these other teams have flaws, especially in early November. We pick apart our team because we watch every minute of their first two games and exhibition (at least some of us), but we seem to assume teams like Nova had no struggles in their early games. Heck, Kentucky lost to Evansville last night. I have no idea what will happen. Nova could win by 25 pts. But the Buckeyes do have two advantages. One, it is a home game. The Schott is a pretty weak homecourt advantage. But Nova has some young kids playing their first true road game. Secondly, I think already having a grind it out game against Cincy should help our squad. Nova has played one game against overmatched Army. Now I am sure you could argue some Nova advantages (Andre Wesson and Musa Jallow out, Nova has more time to prepare, etc.), but it still seems ridiculous to basically assume a Buckeye loss.
Comment 10 Nov 2019
Our point guards (CJ Walker and DJ Carton) combined for 7 assists and 2 turnovers. A walk-on (Harrison Hoofkin) and two true Freshmen playing in their first game (Diallo and Gaffney) combined for 7 turnovers. Buckeyes also had 19 assists. And outside of two young Freshmen, they took care of the ball pretty well.
Comment 07 Nov 2019
I dig tennis quite a bit. It's a distant 3rd or 4th (along with baseball) behind basketball and football. But I am pretty locked in to Wimbledon and the US Open. Also, I have attended the Western and Southern Open 5 or 6 times with wife. It is amazing seeing that skill in person. Even the warm-ups blow me away.
Comment 07 Nov 2019
Maybe not offensively, but I don't think Cincy is that far off any of those teams (with the exception of UVA) defensively. In my humble opinion, none of top teams score more than 75 against Cincy, at least not in early November. And yeah, UVA plays a slow pace, defensive style. But not scoring 50 and still winning by 14? To each their own, but I think early November has a lot to do with that score and the others.
Comment 06 Nov 2019
Points scored by ranked teams that had legit opponents the last two nights: msu (62), kentucky (69, nice), kansas (66), duke (68), uva (48), osu (64), st. mary's (65 in OT) I love the early season marquee match-ups. But it makes you wonder if they should not start up until Thanksgiving. Regardless, just giving a little perspective on tonight's ugly win. I am guessing the Nova game will be similar. Hopefully, we can get another ugly win.