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Comment 22 Jul 2020
It's comments like this that make you realize why there were over 200 comments for Carton deciding to transfer and well under 100 for Branham verbally committing to be a Buckeye. Both top 50 national recruits. Both news worthy, yet people love responding to the negative news. They even like to sprinkle some negative comments on a thread that should have none.
Comment 22 Jul 2020
I agree 100%. Even though it is nearly impossible to project a college basketball more than one year in advance, I love seeing the in-state kids commit to osu and my mind immediately goes to those loaded Matta teams between 2009-2013 as well. Though Matta lost a couple of in state players to the transfer market (JD Weatherspoon, Jordan Sibert, etc), the retention and performance level of in state players overall crushed the out of state group. Even when the program was on a downslide, Jae'Sean Tate seemed to be the only consistent positive in Matta's final two seasons. Though I suppose Marc Loving (also in-state) probably brings up the worst memories in those last couple of years. You can't win em all. Ha, ha.
Comment 22 Jul 2020
Yeah, I would think with Meechie's inevitable large jump in the ratings and if they land Malaki, the Bucks would most likely be guaranteed a Top 15-20 recruiting class regardless of where Etzler is ranked and if and who they land as the 4th player. If a high rated big man joins the group, I would think they would be Top 5-10.
Comment 22 Jul 2020
Your point remains the same, but Snow actually has a confidence of 9. The other five analysts all have either a 7 or 8 confidence for osu. So things are looking good. Knock on wood.
Comment 20 Jul 2020
Great stuff, Colin. I watched some of Meechie yesterday. Good Lord, he looks unbelievable. Almost laughable looking at his rankings right now (approx Top 100). My wish list: 1. Malaki Branham becomes a Buckeye in two days. Obviously, we all want that. It would be huge for the program especially after taking a hit losing a couple of high profile transfers the last few months. 2. Meechie ignores any potential interest from blue bloods and stays with the Buckeyes for two years before leaving to be a pro. Not sure if he will end up Top 10-15 like he is hoping, but I could see him skyrocketing to at least Top 50. Hopefully if Duke, UNC, etc, start showing interest, he says 'thanks, but no thanks.' And if he could stay 2 years, it would set up nicely for my next wish list player. 3. Offer and sign Sean Jones. Love this kid's game. I have not watched in person yet (though some friends and relatives have and rave about him), but I hope to attend one or two Gahanna games this year if fans are allowed at that point. Reminds me a little of Trey Burke at this stage in his career: great floor general that plays with a chip on his shoulder. If Meechie stays two years, Jones could step in as a starter Sophomore year. I know it is impossible to predict college basketball rosters more than a year out, but this is a wish list. 4. Offer and sign Josiah Harris. Don't know much about this kid other than what I read here and on some message boards. But seems like a humble, hard working kid with the body frame/great wingspan of Keita Bates-Diop. I'm all in.
Comment 08 Jul 2020
I would definitely be interested as well, Colin. On a side note, I hope that Dubs is alright. He usually drives this thread and I have not seen him on here for about 3 weeks.
Comment 27 Jun 2020
Last year, the Buckeyes were 5th overall in rebounding margin (+5.4) in the Big 10 and had the #1 defensive rebounding team in the league. Changes for next year: replacing a 6'1" and a 6'3" guard with a 6'3" (Porter) and a 6'5" guard/forward (Jallow). They are replacing a 6'6" wing with a 6'7" (Towns) and 6'6" (Sueing) wing. Kaleb Wesson (6'9") is being replaced with likely more mins from EJ Liddell (6'10.5 wingspan) and a combo of Zed Key (6'8" with a decent wingspan) and 6'10" (Diallo). Will anyone top the 9 plus rebounds a game from Kaleb? Probably not. But the improved size and length at the guard and wing positions should help offset that as well as Liddell's likely improved rebounding (you could tell he finally adjusted to the physicality of the Big 10 by his last 6-7 games). Will they be top 5 in rebounding margin in the Big 10? I don't know. But I don't think Holtmann has to completely overhaul his style of play.
Comment 26 Jun 2020
I always thought the 'turnover prone' tag for Duane was overblown. He only had 5 games last year when he had 3 or more turnovers and 4 was his high. He averaged 1.3 turnovers per game and his rate did not drastically jump when he took over back-up PG duties. I think he always be a 'score first' guard but I think his playmaking and passing skills could use more improvement than limiting his turnovers.
Comment 20 Jun 2020
That is how I felt going in last summer's tourney, but they proved me wrong. It's not like Sully isn't talented and likely the best player on the roster, but they honestly seemed to generally play better without him. Their whole offense seemed to revolve around feeding him in the post and playing off that. It worked relatively well, but it definitely got stagnant at times and relied too much on one player. They seemed to have a better flow on offense last summer and they were able to spread teams out a little bit more. And although gives up a ton of size and skill at the center spot, he does have much more mobility and versatility on the defensive end than Sully. And props to Sully, he did a hell of a job coaching last summer.
Comment 18 Jun 2020
Potter was not starting with Kaleb Wesson here. Yes, he will start next year for Wisky and would likely start on next season's osu roster. But if he stayed, he would be out of eligibility. Was Gaffney looking at major playing time? The kid will always have a ton of a potential. But based on what I saw last year, he was far from a lock to get regular mins off the bench this upcoming season.
Comment 18 Jun 2020
I don't think I agree with that statement for this year's team. They will have two college graduates (Porter and Towns) on the team. Porter's wife is due to have their child in a couple of months, CJ Walker already has a kid he is helping raise. Kyle Young dealt with homesickness, partially due to the sudden death of his father in high school. Justice Sueing's family lives in Hawaii, Ibrahima Diallo's family lives in Senegal. Musa Jallow has battled thru a major injury that forced him to sit out a season. Seth Towns sat out two seasons due to injury. I don't know these kids personally, so I have no idea how mature they are. But this is an old basketball team that has dealt with quite a bit of adversity and responsibility, without mentioning how the virus disrupted their lives.
Comment 28 May 2020
I am just stating what people who cover the team for a living have said: he still has to apply for a medical hardship waiver for a 6th year. I realize he only played 2 seasons at Harvard.
Comment 28 May 2020
Towns would have to apply for medical hardship extra year of eligibility. I imagine he would get it, but who knows if he would apply for it? He would already be 5 years removed from HS, so you couldn't blame him for wanting to start his pro career wherever that may be. He also already has a Harvard degree in his back pocket.
Comment 15 May 2020
Fair enough. I like the looks of Billingsley quite a bit from the link you sent. Though I can already envision all of the complaining from fans if they sign another 6'7"-6-8." I have absolutely no problem with it, but I am sure I am in the minority.
Comment 15 May 2020
I don't claim to know nearly as much as you seem to on the recruiting front. But I will say that I am skeptical of counting on specific positions, especially centers/post players, when it comes to Holtmann recruiting. I am sure Holtmann had a good idea Kaleb was only going to play one more year. And although I am a big fan of Key, I think the additiions coming in this year shows his preferred philisophy. His best player, who is a center, leaves and 3 of the 5 players coming in our versatile wings: Brown, Sueing, and Towns. I also think you have to factor in the transfer market. He has added 6 going into his 4th season. I could see him going after a grad transfer PF/C to add to the likely trio of Liddell, Key, and Diallo as interior players for the 2021-22. And then hopefully land a guy like Philipps for the 2022 class. But who knows? As I said, I am definitely no expert in the area of recruiting and with the nature of college bball, it is so hard to project rosters 2-3 years from now.