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Basketball, ( and Oh, Btw...Dakich Picks TTUN over Buckeyes, Vitale Picks Good Guys)

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November 29, 2019 at 6:37am

Tonight Basketball Bucks take on Morgan State, next week North Carolina..the same North Carolina team that got schooled by Juwan Howard's team last night. While the Wolverines looked like world beaters vs the Tar Heels, it is more a symptom of the Tarheels being mediocre. Iowa beat Texas Tech sans their power starting forward, Nunge, and actually adapted their lineup to keep pace with Tech. Maryland continues to look like a top 3 finisher in the BIG, although Temple fought them hard. Izzo came through the week 2-1, but the loss of Langford is obviuosly hurting them more at this point. While many B1G teams were not active this week, the league will be far more competitive top to bottom than pundits predict. And Dakich? He thinks Fields is too much of a kid( his words) to handle the Big House Saturday. lol Go Bucks!

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