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Buckeye Hoops Predictions from a Couple of Publications

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September 23, 2019 at 5:42pm

I picked up a couple of college basketball magazines (Lindy's and Street & Smith's) over the weekend. I thought some folks might like to know what they thought about the Buckeyes.

-- 3rd in the Big 10 (behind MSU and Maryland)
-- #17 Team in the nation
-- Round of 32 (I don't really understand predicting how far a team will go in the tourney when you have no idea what the match-ups will be, but I digress.)
--Kaleb Wesson, 2nd Team All Big 10
-- EJ Liddell, 2nd Team All Big 10; Newcomer of the Year in the Big 10
-- They also rank their Top 10 Backcourts and Frontcourts in the nation. They have the Buckeyes with the #7 backcourt in the country. Kinda weird considering they have no guards making any of the 3 All Big 10 teams and their frontcourt does not rank in the Top 10 despite how highly they think of Kaleb and EJ. But again, I digress.

Street and Smith's
--#6 in the Big 10 (behind Sparty, Maryland, Purdue, Iowa, and Wisky)
-- Kaleb Wessson, 1st Team All Big 10
---DJ Carton, All Newcomer Team for Big 10
-- Buckeyes do not make their national Top 25
--They do not predict the NCAA tourney field, but the Bucks do make their Top 5 Final 4 Sleepers list along with Louisville, Xavier, Seton Hall, and Memphis.

One thing I did notice checking these magazines out was that although the OOC schedule seems brutal, they seemingly got a favorable Big 10 schedule. You never know with the Buckeyes being predicted 9th-13th a couple of years ago and nearly won the Big 10 title.

But that being said, out of the teams in league that the Buckeyes play twice, only 3 of the 7 teams are predicted in the top half of the league; Maryland, Wisky, and Michigan. Yet out of the 6 teams they only play once, 4 of those squads are predicted in the top half: MSU, Purdue, Iowa, and Illinois.

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