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"OSU's Gonna Get Smoked Today!"

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March 14, 2019 at 3:44am

Doug Lesmeris' (Cleveland.com)prediction for todays matchup with IU. A scaringly objective scientific take. IU has a lottery pick in Lankford. An arguably top 10 player in the BIG with Juwan Morgan. A four game winning streak, beating MSU, Wisconsin blowing out Rutgers and Illinois. Even with the fact they lost 12 of 13 at the midpoint, he thinks they are a team thats finally "figured it out", at the right time.

I don't have a solid counterargument to this. Even with our win in Bloomington. Even after punking Iowa. Even with Kaleb returning.

To be in bubble talk is truly because this team has generally overachieved all year.

The truly only thing that might make a difference, or make it "a game" is, according to Stephen Means(, also cleveland.com)is if Luther Muhammad remembers where the basket is. And posting the title of this piece on the bulletin board in OSU's locker room...lol
Go Bucks! Got black coffee?

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