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Ughh.. Maryland , Away

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February 22, 2019 at 7:02am

Its "off season". Never a bad time to talk OSU Basketball. Not next season. This season. Thinking Matta's last season? About February? Went to College Park and got absolutely punked by about 30 points. Albeit by a talented Maryland team.Melo Trimble. But a Buckeye team that had also "mailed it in" by that point in the season. This years Maryland team? 5th youngest team in the country. 20 wins. Talented point in Cowan. Good bruising versaltile big in Bruno. Another young talented big in Jalen Smith. Really, even in a rebuild year Maryland is always a tough opponent. Us? The Buckeyes? It is really telling that Ahrens started the second half vs NU. Why? Holtmann said be cause of his "investment" in the game from the bench in the first half. And he responded. This is the real story of the Buckeyes going into the "home stretch" of the season. There is no "eye test" to apply anymore. Better you listen to Paul Keels than watch on the telly. The rest of this season is really about what the whole season has been about anyways...Coach Holtmann getting an offensively challenged group of players to buy in to the idea of good defense being the best offense. And maybe Woods got a little confidence back after NU. Amazing thing is, as much as we belittle this team, they have carried themselves good in spite of their flaws. My prediction...it won't be a replay of that awful performance Marc Loving and company put on a few years back. Lol. Go Bucks!

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