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March Coaching Madness (O for Ohio)

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March 19, 2018 at 1:08am

After watching the total melt down of the University of Cincinnati who was up by 22 points on Nevada, the collapse of Xavier toward the end of their game against Florida State and Ohio State basket drought at the beginning of their game versus Gonzaga. I have to wonder what the hell are some of these coaches thinking?  

Let's start with the Number 2 seeded Cincinnati vs Number 7 Nevada:

The Bearcats started like a house on fire on offense only to flicker out in the end. Cincinnati pulled their starting main point guard #3 and loss all control of game tempo along with the lead.  They then double down and got out tough by a team with only six players.  Meanwhile the head coach Cronin looked like he about to blow a gasket every time one of his players either turns the ball over or commits yet another ill advised foul. Nevada then went of a scoring run  and defense blockade dreams are made of much to the sadness of the Bearcat faithful.  Oh, I forgot to mention the Nevada coach got himself hit with a technical but was able to maintain control and pull victory out of the jaws of defeat. Hey coach don't bench your starting point guard when you are in need of ball control.  Down goes #2 Cincinnati 75-73 to Nevada.

Number 1 seed Xavier vs Number 9 Florida State

How does top seated Musketeers lose to the ninth seated Florida State Seminoles?  This was supposed to be a no brainer. The bench for Florida State scored (45) one less point then the starters for Xavier (46).  The top player Trevon Bluiett for team X only scored eight points the entire game.  This was sweet payback for Florida State after then-No. 11 seed Xavier routed the Seminoles 91-66 a year ago to the day in the very same round in the same region.  The last 5:30 of the game is most telling. The Seminoles went on a 16-4 run while shooting 55% and hitting all five of their free throws attempts.  Meanwhile the Musketeers shot 25% from the field down the stretch.

 THE Ohio State University

After nearly becoming a victim of 5 seed vs 12 seed (South Dakota State University) upset on Thursday the tOSU went out to proved those fine, smart clever journalist right on Saturday night.  In the future coach save your trash talking until the second weekend. The Buckeyes had the misfortune of facing the same team (Gonzaga) that blew them out by 27 points earlier in the season. We were assured this time things would be different.  NOT.  Base on the beginning of the game The Bulldogs ran off 15 points while the Bucks missed five point blank layups.  In the end the deficit was evaporated and it was a heroic effort by the Buckeyes.   The Bucks fought back to gain the lead but without a pass first point guard, and losing #1 (to fouls again 3rd game in a row) also getting outrebounded again it was only a matter of time before the magic ran out for tOSU.

This was a bad weekend for OHIO!







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