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More Young, Less Micah

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February 16, 2018 at 2:06pm

I think Kyle Young should be getting the bulk of our backup big minutes instead of Micah Potter. Last night turned into a nightmare the instant Kaleb Wesson injured his ankle. PSU went on a 12-0 run and never looked back. Time after time Micah was out-leaped by an inch or 2 for a rebound, out-quicked by a step or 2 for a loose ball, and straight up out-muscled occasions where the ball was just ripped right out of his hands. These types of things don’t happen to Kyle Young. He is a much better athlete, very springy, quick & aggressive and I think his upside is considerably higher, he just needs some more time on the court to get comfortable with actually playing in these games. I like Potter and don’t want to get down on him as he will be a valuable contributor to our program for 2.5 more years, but he gets overwhelmed at times and just flat out-athleted by certain matchups.


Young is much more twitchy and explosive, and guys don’t just simply out-jump him for rebounds or casually swipe the ball from his fingertips. Certainly he struggles with finishing around the rim on toughly contested buckets right now but I think that could improve greatly with more PT and a chance to assimilate to the college game. He just needs more court time with his teammates and he will grow and blossom before our eyes. Potter is not going to be able to hang with athletic bigs, he's just not. He isn’t there athletically right now. Kyle Young is a different kind of dude and his player potential seems very real to me. IMO #25 should come in to battle in the paint before #0 when Wesson comes out of the game.

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