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The Thad vent session

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May 16, 2017 at 11:26am

Okay, so I really needed to vent so here goes: How bad is this going to get before something is done?

I mean this program is literally the biggest shitshow in the country and has been for the past 5 years. Let's take an in-depth look into the main issue facing the program; recruiting, developing, and coaching.

Recruiting: Has been absolutely awful Post Sullinger. They have now brought in 2 large classes that were top 5 ranked and supposed to be game-changers, yet somehow both were insanely bad. No players ever developed from Amir's class and the entire 2015 class is gone. On top of that we lost our best commit for 2018 and the 2017 class that everyone seems to think is going to come in and save the program is ranked 71st-between MIddle Tenn and Utep. Those are 2 programs I feel like we should be able to compete with right?? On top of Thad's inability to land top players we also struggle with developing the projects that Thad brings in.

Developing: In Thad's time at OSU he has really only developed a handful of players, with the most famous being ET, but who was the last one to play for multiple years and show any sort of progression? Look at the last few years rosters; Amir, Sam, Q, Scott, Loving, Kam, KBD, Lyle, and Tate were all top 20-80 prospects in their respective classes. Tate is probably the player that grew the most on that list, but even he is still an awful FT shooter (which that performance at Mich St still haunts me). The rest of that list were either a) complete busts and overrated by literally every scout and site out there, or b) not developed by Thad. I wish I could say it was a, but there is nothing that could make me believe that the problem isn't Thad. My big issue comes after the players leave, when some dumbass fans post things like 'Amir was the problem, now the team will be better'. If we keep saying that a player or the class is the problem (ie Amir's class, the entire 2015 class, Loving) then maybe it's not them. IF, and that's a big if, these players are ALL the problem, then isn't that on the guy who brought them all in? On top of that, has anyone ever noticed that our players never look like they've seen a gym or workout in the offseason? How many times have we seen one of our players have the highest body fat % at the combine? Ross, Buford, Thomas? All we horrendously out of shape at the combine. Are these guys not working out? WTF is going on there Thad? All the shortcomings of recruiting and developing could be overcome if the coaching was superb...

But, here we go... Coaching: So how many times over the last few years has anyone noticed us getting destroyed in the 2nd half by teams. The first half of every game is your preparation and game plan execution, which I'll give him, they have had some good solid plans for teams, but the 2nd is all the adjustments, and we lose out here so incredibly badly. Look at the Virginia game from last year, we came out shooting and spacing which they had no answer for, then the 2nd half we couldn't run an offensive set to save our lives. That game alone was the worst coaching performance I had ever seen. Seeing the flow of the game, and what they have done to counter your game plan and making necessary adjustments is coaching 101, and throughout his tenure Thad has actually really struggled with this, he just had no talent to deal with it the past few years. I mean we literally lost to Rutgers.... Rutgers. If that doesn't make you feel an all-time low than what will?

In conclusion; we can't recruit the top talent anymore, when some does come the can't be developed (and we blame the players not the coach), and finally, we can't beat a team like Rutgers....  

Now, I am going to say all this as an avid supporter of the program and Thad. I knew his shortcomings years ago, but he found a way through recruiting and the program was great, but now the results are not. I firmly believe he deserves the right to step down, but that time has officially come. Stepping down (hell cite health concerns, I'd believe it) would be way for him to allow the program to begin a rebuild, which in basketball can actually happen overnight with one good class and a good coach. That way we can make Jent an interim, give him a season to see what he can do while looking around at our options.

If you are a Thad supporter still I really want to know what you think... I have tried for so long to defend him but literally can't anymore. I don't even want them to somehow make the tourney this year because then we limp on into another year. Do the right thing, make a clean break and let's both move on.


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