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I was born at THE OSU med center, then moved to AZ around the age of 5, but never wavered from my true fandom. Grew up with the Bucks as my college team and Cardinals as my pro team. Finally moved back here and come up every Saturday for game day. Go Bucks!


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Comment 04 Sep 2019

I do think Stud needs to be held accountable for these non-adjustments. 1-2 series, okay I get it, they threw something new at you, but after that you need to pull the unit in and talk to them about what they are seeing and how they need to adjust. That's coaching 101.

I think the line played well for 4 new starters, hopefully they grow and learn from it. I also think once you start blowing a team out like that you let off the gas. What I'd like to see is 4 quarter's of pedal to the metal against UC.

Comment 04 Sep 2019

It was for a few reasons. 1) With the game in hand, Fields gave instead of keeping on about 10-15 plays because we didn't want to risk injury. Watch the 2nd and 3rd quarter's, there were a dozen plays where the field in front of him was wide open and he still gave the ball to Dobbins. Because of that, Dobbins added a few carries of 0-3 yards hurting his YPC. 2) Dobbins was very explosive on plays where Fields made the correct read (keeping or giving) in the 1st quarter. He didn't break one loose, but he was churning up 8-12 yards on each carry. 3) He didn't crack 125+ because he was pulled early on by Teague. 

I thought the line played great. They didn't have any film on the new D being used by FAU, so there were a lot of different looks throw at them, and for the most part they created good holes and pass protected well. Remember that we are breaking in 4 new starters, and a Soph. QB. Most teams that do that are sitting at 5-7 by years end.

Comment 03 Sep 2019

As a whole thee line blocked fairly well. The mistakes were definitely more communication based. When we were mixing up the playcalling, and Fields was keeping the ball, the offense went up 28-0. After that, Fields rarely kept it, even though there were huge lanes open. 

I think what we saw after 28-0 was Day trying to keep everything in-house. The D went full on vanilla, more preserving than aggressive, and the O was in run out the clock mode. He knows there is no film out there on the new offense and defense, so why put film out there for UC, and the B1G to get to use. 

Comment 29 Aug 2019

Wray may very well hold of Johnson, I just had to drop the #HotTake lol. I would be very surprised if Munford comes back. Most 2nd year players, that have played well, leave after year 2. His stock won't really rise that much more with another year.

I think Myers is going to be an absolute beast at C. In terms of raw ability, he is a perfect fit. Just and absolute road grader, plays with great leverage, very strong (that video of him 1 arm cleaning 145lbs = ridiculous), and if Stud has shown us anything it's that he can coach up a C. It wouldn't shock me if Myers was a 1 and done, especially if the pass pro comes to him. Maybe Miller next year with Jones at RG.

Comment 29 Aug 2019

Bad take Ru. He made other players a priority that were higher on the big board. UK and ASU made these 2 their priorities and that relationship and early trust that they are "the guy" is something that is hard to overcome.

It's like when you ask the prettiest girl to prom, and get rejected, you start going down the ladder to the next girl, and the next. By the time you get to the 8th girl, who earlier told you that she didnt have a date yet but now does, she isn't gonna dump the guy that thought she was his no.1. 

Comment 28 Aug 2019

I think last year's problem was the RPO concept. Not knowing if you are run block vs pass blocking is very difficult for college lineman to grasp in year 1. But, we also had 4 of 5 that were recruited as Tackles, hence why the pass pro was so good. 

I think this year is gonna be a mauler line. Bowen was a great Guard, so you know he can run block. Myers and Davis are road graders, and will pave big holes, Munford was very good in pass pro and underrated in run blocking last year (look at his run blocking grades, they were very good), and Jonah has a ton of experience. 

Comment 28 Aug 2019

I'd bet Munford is gone. 2 yr starting at LT for OSU, and has played very well. He'll be a late 1st round pick.

I'd be next year's line (Left to right) is: NPF, Davis, Myers, Matthew Jones, and.......... Paris Johnson.

Jones and Davis may swap, but typically you're better Guard plays left, so I'd imagine they move him to left. i think Jones is the next great Guard (he was a beast in HS), with Miller coming in at C when Myers leaves.

Comment 13 Aug 2019

I actually had a convo about this at work the other day. I think Hartline will be the next OSU HC. I can see his being the WRs coach (with some pay raises) for the next 4-5 yrs, all the while learning play calling from Wilson and Day. Then when Wilson retires, Hartline is promoted to some play-calling duties and WRs coach. Stays there until Day retires. 

Comment 09 Aug 2019

OHSAA is the problem for a ton of Ohio based sports. For example; in volleyball, you can only have a max of 3 players from 1 HS on the same club team. Same for Basketball, soccer, etc. Most other states have no limits. 

In football, the limits on spring and summer ball really hurt the early development (which may be a reason for the 3 star guys we see turn out), so a Darron Lee may have been a top 100 player if he was allowed to participate in those cherished spring and summer practices. Or on the camp circuits, Ohio players cannot participate in padded drills. While they get to run and do the shorts and shirts drills, the times where they can really show out would be in padded drills, where many analysts base their rankings off of. How many times have we seen an Ohio kid dominate in the early portions of these camps, then get held out for the last day (when pads go on) and we see them get passed up by that did well on those days?

Comment 08 Aug 2019

Fields definitely will be the starter for the 2 seasons you alluded to, then likely bolt for the NFL if he is anything near what we believe him to be. 

Miller will have every chance to win the job from McCord. Both are very talented and have the ability to run the Haskins offense we ran last year. I still think Miller wins out the job over McCord with his extra year of experience.

Comment 31 Jul 2019

I really hope they mix around coverages like that. As much as press man was great for taking away screens, and allowed our outstanding CBs to shut down a lot of great recievers, the downside to turning your back and focusing on the WR means if it is a run, then you really arent able to turn and make a play. Last season was by no means on the DBs, but terrible angles from Safeties, and LBs in the wrong whole, but CBs werent able to recover to make some plays. 

Hopefully Washington can move on from 5.5-40 Borland (dude seriously made McSorley look like Terrelle Pryor) and get someone in there that can plug a gap, and catch up to a play.

Comment 29 Jul 2019

Did you see our LBs the last 2 seasons? A dead horse lying in the middle of the field had a better chance of making plays than Borland or Werner. I agree that saying he's already the best is an overstatement, but I really hope Al Washington does his own eval of the players and doesn't base his decisions off previous playing time. Mitchell and Browning should play, both offer so much more than Borland or Werner.

Comment 29 Jul 2019

Wow, great insight into their practices.... Do you mind if I borrow your credentials so I can get in the meeting rooms and practice facility as well?

Browning was rated so highly because of his sideline to sideline speed, coverage skills and pass rushing skills, sound like a specific LB position? He wasn't given the chance to learn it because our last LB coach's best skillset was that he was a best man in a wedding. Browning should be getting looks at one of the outside spots, regardless of his ranking.

Comment 26 Jul 2019

I actually think Decker and Jones would hold up fine against Gholston and Smith. Decker only struggled against Khalil Mack (due to the pure blend of speed, athleticism and strength), Mack is a better player than Smith or Gholston were.

QB: Meyer- Haskins literally just set every single season record we have for passing. He is the best pure QB we have ever had. Troy was amazing in his time and one of my favorite players, but Haskins carried the WORST D we've ever had to 12-1 and a rose bowl win, and threw 70 times for 450 yards and 4 tds in the lone loss. 

RB: Meyer- If Clarrett plays 3 years, then JT, but 1 year of Clarrett or 2 years of Beanie doesn't compare to what Zeke did to win a Natty. 

WR: JT (for now)- I think right now this would go to JT, Ginn and Holmes were flat out ridiculous, and I am only taking what they did in college into my considerations (which hurts Thomas for sure), but it was very close.

OL: Meyer- Very close one. The interior goes to JT, though Meyer's is only multiple Rimington winners. But I think the Tackles for Meyer were far better than JT.

DL: Meyer- The Bosas were the best DL we've had in school history. I have never seen players get as many sacks against double and triple teams as these 2. Nick doesn't get enough credit (sadly because of the lost season), but I think those 2 absolutely work JT's tackles all game long.

LB: Push- so many good LBs haha

DB: Meyer- Very close, but in the era of passing and offenses getting the benefits, Ward, Lattimore, Hooker, Conley and Roby may literally have been the best CBs in school history. Gamble, Doss, Jenkins were great players, but the game was way more run oriented back then, and PI's were frankly different. I would argue that the 2017 team had the top to bottom best D we've ever had and it was wasted because of the terrible offensive play calling (watched the Clemson game a few weeks ago, they held the game for so long while being on the field basically the entire game, such a waste)

Comment 19 Jul 2019

Well then please go on the OSU football official page and change it for me

Studrawa has already coached two major award winners – Rimington Trophy winners Pat Elflein and Billy Price – and three All-Americans at Ohio State: Elflein, Price and Michael Jordan this past season. His 2016 offensive line was one of three finalists for the Joe Moore Offensive Line Award.

Comment 18 Jul 2019

Yea, $adly, Clem$on i$ doing a good job recruiting. $teroid$ and paying player$ ha$ nothing to do with their $ucce$$. 

I know it happens everywhere but what pisses me off about the sporting news machine that is ESPN is that they are incredibly biased towards the SEC and now the ACC with their investments in the networks. A reporter got wind that OSU students had recieved free tattoos and ESPN sent everyone they had to our campus. The effing FBI wire tap had Clemson's basketball coach on record saying that he wants to pay players like Dabo does. Multiple players tested positive for Banned performance enhancing substances. And yet, outside of some tweets was there anything from this? Nope. It's so sad that a once favorite network of mine is so biased on their opinions that they refuse to go after actual stories.

Comment 18 Jul 2019

Hartline will be an OC in the future. I'd actually bet he is the next OSU coach. Thinking he is the WRs coach for 3-4 years, continues the elite recruiting, etc, all the while learning playcalling from Day and Wilson. Once Wilson retires, again thinking 5 years-ish, I think Day will promote Hartline as the play caller. If it works out well, he will be there for a few years, and get an NFL/P5 job. When Day finally calls it at OSU Hartline will have experience and name recognition. 

Comment 18 Jul 2019

Stud has done a fine job with the OL. We missed on a lot of prospects before he got here, and all he did was build a line that allowed Haskins to set every OSU QB record. Because of some misses at G by the prior staff he made it work. 

Look at the last few classes, Wyatt Davis, Josh Myers, NPF, Harry Miller, now Paris JJ, and Luke Wylper. What more do you want? Please elaborate.