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I was born at THE OSU med center, then moved to AZ around the age of 5, but never wavered from my true fandom. Grew up with the Bucks as my college team and Cardinals as my pro team. Finally moved back here and come up every Saturday for game day. Go Bucks!


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Comment 12 hours ago

They have a better win right now. Texas win is not looking so hot anymore (though their jump in the rankings needs some explanation). 

My issue is this, if last week you said OSU was the best team in the nation, what changed? Did we not look good against Maryland? In years past they have not moved teams like this. If we had beaten a top 4 PSU or Mich, would we have jumped no. 1 Bama who beat Vandy by 60? No? Then why move us?

Comment 25 Oct 2019

My point wasn't that getting 5* players is pointless and that we should only recruit 3* guys. My point was that in every cycle there are dozens of 3* players that were vastly overlooked, and will be the backbone of the program. Your analytics don't show the kid who pushes others to come to voluntary workouts, meetings, film sessions, etc. 

In this current climate of the transfer portal and NFL departures, you need some kids that will stick around for 4-5 years, get developed, and teach the young 5* frosh how the program functions. Therefor both the 3* and 5* are valuable to the program. If the staff meets a kid, thinks he will be a great teammate and has potential to overperform his 3* rating, then I say take him. 

Comment 25 Oct 2019

Always remember 2 things:

1. Stars mean nothing. Darron Lee was a 3 star nobody, and we don't regret having him right? Hunter Johnson (NW's backup now) was the number 1 QB in the country (5 star obviously) and now look at him. There are tons of examples of 4 stars outperforming their rankings as well. Zeke was around RB 10 in his class. Can you think of 10 RBs that are better in the world right now? But people were angry then that we couldn't land a 5 star RB then. 

2. 3 star players are a necessity in a program. Many of them are the Ohio kids that bleed S&G and will stay for 5 years just because they love the university. Those players are critical in practices and for depth. And again, who knows which of them are severely underrated and will blossom into the next Lee. 

Bottom line, if the staff believes they are a take because they can make them a great player, we should believe in that and not worry about recruiting rankings. Tennessee signs a top 15 class most years, remember that...

Comment 24 Oct 2019

Drclau, you need to re-asses what you comprehend when people say "freak". To the majority of us and the OP, freak is when someone is outlandish for their size. Yes, Jones is not an athletic freak compared to Chase Young, but Chase isn't compared to Okudah by that same standard (Okudah had an insane SPARQ score at the opening). But Chase is 5 inches taller and 60 lbs heavier, so what he is capable of doing at his H/W is extremely impressive. Same for Jones. For someone his size to move like that is freakish. If he can maintain the 350 range but work with Mickey on the quickness, he will be a top 15 pick. That is freakish to me.

Whenever we look at the physical gifts of athletes, we have to factor in H/W. 

Comment 14 Oct 2019

 I think Miller will be better than Stroud. His release is damn near flawless, same with his accuracy. The only intangible that you can't tell from a highlight is his ability to read a field. 

But his health is a real concern. I think the staff is being very transparent here with both Miller and Stroud. They want 4 scholly QBs at all times (mostly to be prepared for attrition), and both of them have enough potential to be stars. Likely one will transfer out (again, the new world of CFB) after they lose the battle in 2021. Heck, if I'm Day I tell both that I will name a starter in the spring of that year so the other can transfer and I will do my part to get him eligible right away. That's probably the most honest and forthright way to approach QB recruiting in this age.

Comment 07 Oct 2019

McCord is definitely a stud. It'll be interesting to see if he can win the job right away. I still think the staff needs to be transparent with Miller. If he had no injury history then I don't think we are recruiting another QB, but he has been. I still love his talent and think that he could be very special, but the best ability is availability. 

Comment 03 Oct 2019

Agreed, I really think we need to preach patience. When Dobbins leaves, Teague will be a very solid and productive back, like Hyde was. Even if we don't land our no.1 option this year there's always ext years to 5* chase. With our OL, WR, and QB recruiting, the RB position can be a little more of a plug and play if needed. Alford has done a lot in his time here with no 5* recruits, remember that. We'll be fine.

Comment 02 Oct 2019

Hafley we will be lucky to get 2 years out of before the NFL makes him a coordinator. That being said, we should Venebles him and pay more that the NFL would for a 1st timer. 

Day could be here a while. As the OP said, this is one of the top 5 most desirable jobs in football (Cowboys, Patriots, Bama, and now Clemson). Unless the Pats call wanting him then I don't see him leaving. HCs know that they only get 1 chance in the NFL 99% of the time. Most flame out then bounce around as coordinators or go back to college to coach a middling P5 school. Success at OSU is basically guaranteed with what Meyer put in place. And if Day goes on the win a Natty this year, imagine that recruiting pitch.

Comment 02 Oct 2019

I think as long as LJ and Day can bring in 1 elite DE like the Bosa's, Chase, and now Harrison, then Sawyer per class, then grab the quality 4-5 year guys like Cooper, Lewis, Hubbard, etc then DEU is absolutely going to continue. Fortunately it doesn't look to be slowing down anytime soon, and with these guys going early in the draft, if I'm a 5* DE I am definitely taking a long look at OSU. In terms of DE development, it's OSU and Clemson.

Comment 01 Oct 2019

I think that is the sad part of this argument. We saw Joey in his prime, are seeing Chase in his prime, but never got to see Nick in his. 

For what it's worth, I think Chase is the best pass rusher, but Joey was the best all around. Go back and rewatch his tape. I think it was at PSU that he was triple teamed on a play and still made a TFL. He played the run better than any DE I've ever seen. Plus he didn't have near the talent opposite of him that Nick or Chase did (should've if Noah Spence had been clean).