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I was born at THE OSU med center, then moved to AZ around the age of 5, but never wavered from my true fandom. Grew up with the Bucks as my college team and Cardinals as my pro team. Finally moved back here and come up every Saturday for game day. Go Bucks!


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Comment 15 Jan 2020

Again, a lot more goes into these decisions. Family, being close to home, and ability to get early playing time may be the most important things to him.

Maybe he grew up a GT fan and has always dreamed of going there. I'm sure fans of Bama and Clemson say the same stuff about us, "Why would he go to OSU, they don't compete for Nattys." By your logic LSU should now get every player they go after, then Clemson, then Bama, (and Clemson again, and Bama again) then us.

Comment 15 Jan 2020

There's a lot more that goes into these decisions my friend. A lot of players want to stay close to family so that they can watch them play. If you dont come from money, then your family cant afford to fly to Columbus every week. 

Factor in playing time as well. Not sure what GT's situation is, but getting on the field as a Soph is better than waiting behind Teague for 2 more years, then Crowley, etc.

Comment 08 Jan 2020

UGA gets a ton of RB talent from the state, but looking at the NFL, they have Sony Michel, Nick Chubb and Gurley as current starters. 1 is bad on a great team (Michel), 1 is very good on a bad team (Chubb), and 1 may have effed over the Rams with a massive contract (Gurley). 

They recruit the position well because right now GA HS football is osme of the best in the country. This is the stuff the Ryan Day and other OH college coaches need to fight for here in OH; spring ball. It puts OH athletes behind the 8-ball by not allowing them to be with their coaches for about 6 months, and they are not able to participate in the padded portions of camps (the days that actually matter) in the spring/summer. 

Comment 07 Jan 2020

I don't expect to see all 3 of McCord, Miller and Stroud to start at some point here. One of them will transfer at some point because they are talented and can play. I see it playing out like this:

'20- FIelds, Redshirt both Miller and Stroud

'21- Whomever wins jobs, loser transfers. McCord-redshirt, transfer portal backup (like Chug and Hoak)

Comment 07 Jan 2020

It'll be very interesting to see when we land the top QB propects to match it. Outside of Fields (portal), we have not landed the Tua, Trevor Lawerence type QB. Stroud and Miller both look legit, not complaining there, but that Bryce Young kid looked special, and hopefully we can land that kid in the future with these WRs.

Comment 06 Jan 2020

I really hope he has a Jonnie Dixon sort of turnaround to his career. No one wants to see a career derailed by injuries like Dixon's was, but the cap it off with a very solid year was great for him, hopefully Babb will turn it around.

I think Jamo is the one to watch out for, I heard from a source that Hartline thinks he will be a better pro than Wilson, says he is the hardest working WR they have and has that drive that coaches love. Hopefully he will show out this year. 

Comment 03 Jan 2020

If Wade comes back there is still 3 open spots in the secondary. Proctor should be a very good to great safety now with experience under his belt. 

Brown and Banks should be very good CBs, and have looked good in limited roles. I think they will be fine, but this much of an unknown should always be a cause for concern.

But hey, if the O scores 50+ a game, and the D gives up 30, you win every game.

Comment 03 Jan 2020

I think you are about right there. Myers will probably stay at C, there's more money and draft status for C than G in the NFL. I think it will be Harry Miller vs Matthew Jones for the other G spot, which is a great position to be in. I'd love for Miller to win, then be the C in 21 with Jones as a G then. 

I think the line will actually be better next season, which is crazy to think, but Davis, Myers and Munford should all get healthy and continue to grow, plus you add in NPF in pass pro, which he should grow into something better than Bowen (who was good and valuable, but never great). Hopefully Miller or Jones can replace Jonah's mean streak and continue to play at the same level.

Comment 02 Jan 2020

The team should be elite next year. The OL will likely be better (crazy, but NPF and Harry Miller/Matt Jones sliding in should be better by season's end), the WRs will be better (Mack and Victor were 'good' but left a lot of drops on the field, Hill was great, but I like what's coming in a lot), the RBs will be worse, but with the line in front of them they should be fine (GOAT time coming), and most importantly Fields will be fantastic with a full offseason under Day now.

On D, there will be some regression, but that's what we recruit for. Yes, you lose Chase, Hamilton, Landers, and Cornell, but now Togia, Vincent, Harrison, etc get their shot, plus Cooper should be back and healthy. I see a drop off, but some improvement from the DTs. LBs will be fine, Tuf is still too slow, but he'll still lead the D. One of Mitchell, Gant, Pope or Hilliard will take Harrison's spot and the unit should be fine. The DBs will need to grow for sure. Banks and Brown looked good in limited spots this year, Reip as well. Hopefully they bring in Coombs and he elevates those boys. Proctor will be better than Fuller in the long run at S, guys always look lost in their 1st time out against elite teams, then comeback, watch film and improve.

All in all, the O should be absolutely elite next year, and the D good enough.