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I was born at THE OSU med center, then moved to AZ around the age of 5, but never wavered from my true fandom. Grew up with the Bucks as my college team and Cardinals as my pro team. Finally moved back here and come up every Saturday for game day. Go Bucks!


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Comment 16 Aug 2017

Actually what they do is debatably their biggest recruiting pitch, so if you want to continue to land 5* guys across the board, then shut up and let people count the Wards, Holmes, and Bosa's of the world as starters. If they rotate and get equal time as the starters, to me, they are starters.

Comment 02 Aug 2017

The other big thing to consider here is that Oweh seems like a great kid, whereas Parsons definitely seems to have some issues- something about starting a riot if I recall..

Now, whatever the staff decides I am completely okay with, both have great upside, and with the way we have been recruiting the Dline, it's okay to go after a project like Oweh, Parsons only downside is the off the field stuff, which as they say- the best ability is availability.

Comment 02 Aug 2017

They really have an unbelievable QB room right now. Haskins and Burrow would be a starter for pretty much the entire B1G. The hard part is PT for all of them. I actually firmly believe that Burrow's combo of downfield throws, good mobility and gunslinger mentality is what is best suited for this offense. Think of it this way, when did Urban's offense really hit it's stride? Under Cardale, why? Because you had to cover the entire field. That's what we need to get back to.

I actually was hoping for JT to go pro only so Burrow could have his yr, then Haskins and Tate, and finally Emory. With JT staying there is now way one of Haskins, Tate, or Emory finishes their career a buckeye, there just isn't enough time.

Comment 01 Aug 2017

Yea, LSU has only put some of the best, if not the best DBs in the league recently... That being said, if his goals are playing time, winning and getting to the league, well that's us. Our willingness to rotate CBs these past few years really has made our recruitment so much more elite. You can no longer negatively recruit against us with the way we rotate at numerous positions. If you are ready, you will see the field... best selling tool in the business.

Comment 20 Jul 2017

That's the thing with Oweh, he has a massive upside, potentially even higher than Parsons. Parsons is going to be more of a stand up DE rushing specialist. Oweh has the size and frame to be a 3 down linemen. That's the difference. There are just not a lot of people that are 6'5 240 and run a 4.46. I mean Clowney does it and everyone freaks out, so why not freak out over Oweh.

Comment 20 Jul 2017

I believe that a receiver will go for over 500. Wilson has done that countless times at IU, with both less talented QBs and WRs. As long as the play calling and the throws they choose fit the JT's strengths, such as intermediates throws and if they can fix his timing-which is really the issue with JT, he needs to throw plays open, not wait until plays are open.

That concept can actually be seen in Peyton Mannings game a lot. Manning did not have the strongest arm, but yet had a high completion % on throws of 20+ yards, how you may ask... players running deep routes would get thrown to earlier, just as they were making a break or cut. Then they would run it for another 20+ yards, and voila a high % on downfield throws.

I hope Day is using thiese concepts on JT. You don't have to have a big arm to be a down field thrower, just have to be comfortable and trusting with your WRs.

Comment 07 Jul 2017

So here's where I have to disagree. As a collegiate athlete, I can tell you that a good portion of your development is from the S&C coach. During the offseason you are not allotted time with your coach but the S&C coach is given the responsibility of keeping you in shape and getting you prepared for the season.

With the amount of our players that never gained muscle, looked gased at times, and as it turns out, had the highest body fat percentages at the NBA combine multiple times. That is purely on the S&C coach and how hard he pushed them. It is also up to the S&C coach to set the tone for work ethic, so again, this is all on him.  

Comment 29 Jun 2017

If you had to choose 1-3 guys that no one is talking about being a Buckeye, who would you think may be in the class on signing day? -ie guys that are highly perceived to be locks elsewhere but may be wowed by that one visit and allow tOSU to be the lead in their recruitment.

Comment 27 Jun 2017

Exactly, is you are draft eligible, and have started for a year, they know if you are going to be good or not. Coming back will not change you drastically. Weber will be a solid, Mark Ingram like pro. He'll get tough yards, catch well ,but probably leave the field on 3rd. He won't break a ton of long runs but runs with authority and punishes defenders. His problem is going to be health. You have to avoid contact as much as possible to avoid injury, Zeke did and excellent job of than, and Weber needs to learn to di it as well.

Comment 27 Jun 2017

Looking back I wonder how much better we could've been with a better S&C coach. Not sure how many of you played in college, but your S&C coach is the only communication you have in the offseason. They control how hard you go and what you do. The better they are, the more you will develop. I keep thinking back to the stats that Buford, Thomas and Ross all showed up to the combine with the highest fat % in their respective classes. That is fucking insane to me that your most important interview of your life and you are out of shape?? Whomever had been working these kids failed and owes them big time.

Comment 27 Jun 2017

Seriously, this is actually a very god point about how the program got to this point; player development. When Matta stopped getting top kids, the program struggled because he couldn't develop them.

Comment 27 Jun 2017

Yep and their team is STACKED. Gotta love seeing so many commits there though, and looking at the targets there are about what 8 names that are near guarantees on there? Such a great time to be a Buckeye

Comment 27 Jun 2017

He will leave regardless of his draft stock, if he were to come back that's 3 years of hits, which is a lot for anyone not getting paid. It would be a horrible decision for him to return.

RB, unlike any other position has such a short shelf-life that you cannot waste additional years starting in college. The ideal scenario for any back is to redshirt, then be the back-up with occasional mop-up duty your RFr year, and start the R-So year then leave. I actually hold it against Fornette and think he will be a bust, not because of talent, but because he had one too many years in school (albeit not by his own choosing of course), but that is going to knock years off the end of his career.

If you are Weber, and someone thinks you will be drafted (no matter where), go. You will not grow 2 inches and add anything that scouts would reconsider you to a top 5 pick by coming back.

Comment 23 Jun 2017

This really comes down to: roster size, the money, franchise tags, and indoor vs outdoor.

With there only being 5 starters on the court, the individual has much more bargaining power as well as control of the game. Lebron and KD can go to any team in the league and they are now a contender because they make up for 20% of the staring lineup. Because of this smaller lineup there are less players that you need to build trust with and learn their games. A player in the NFL needs at least a year to learn the system, and habits of each player around him (ie. blocking style, weaknesses, routes, etc.)So for 1 NFL player to learn the habits of 10 others is going to take to much more time. For a BBall player, they can quickly accumulate themselves into a new system.

The guaranteed money is what seperates the NFL from both the MLB and NBA. In the NFL there aer very few "Bad Contracts", and the ones that are get the guaranteed amount then get cut quickly. So players typically will try to actually play out their deals if possible in the NFL for fear of losing money with injuries. In the NBA, there are dozens of horrible contracts signed every year and there is no way out for the team other than trading.

There is the franchise tag, which allows a team to keep a player and give them another year to work through a contract with them. In the NBA you have nothing but more money to offer a player that is about to leave, whereas team in the league can play a premium but maintain their current roster for a bit longer.

Lastly, since basketball is an indoor sport, there is no need to be tough and withstand the weather. Football players live off their own madness and their fans madness in the shitty areas like Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Green Bay, NE, etc. But with NBA players, its about being comfortable.

Comment 23 Jun 2017

One could argue at this very moment there are only 2...

Or 1...

But in most years, there are only 3-4 teams that have an actual shot. Take the Pacers, for example, I don't think they really had a chace in 2014. We knew they could give the Heat a run, but this was no more than what BOS and TOR have been to CLE these last two years.

Comment 21 Jun 2017

But why would he go play for a depleted roster against GS 8 times a year (GS and LAL and LAC are in the same division)? Then have to go through them again in the postseason. LeBron isn't going anywhere.

Comment 20 Jun 2017

Zbo may actually be a David West kind of guy that is looking for a ring. He could easily come in off the bench and give 10-15 against a weak post D  team like the Warriors.

Comment 20 Jun 2017

I think Ainge is too smart for that. For them to get him, they have so send some of the Nets picks, which have great value, but are not guaranteed to be anything, whereas Love is a tangible figure that can be the focal point of a team. So they would have to surrender multiple picks/players, but they don't have anything that would match Love's guaranteed value.

Comment 20 Jun 2017

Lebron is not going to LA.... if he can't beat the Warriors with the Cavs, why the shit would he go play in their Division??? Both LA teams play the Warriors 8 games each season with shitty rosters, why would he do that? Tarnishing his legacy is not something Lebron has ever been about and he isn't likely to start now.

Comment 20 Jun 2017


I cannot believe the flack that Love has gotten this year. He struggled shooting the 3, but everyone did, but he also got offensive rebounds like an animal and got critical fouls called on whomever GS put on him. He is a mismatch for them as well, but we do a better job of going away from the mismatch. GS outcoached us, plain and simple. They switched to get favorable mismatches, like Durant posting up Kyrie, then exploited them for points. Whereas the Cavs would get Steph on Love and Lebron would tell him to clear out.... Like WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING??? Love is not the problem with this team. His D is average, but it wasn't the reason they lost. Shump and JR made some of the dumbest fouls I have ever seen, and no one could hit an open 3.

Where I disagree with you is that PG or Jimmy Butler would make a huge difference. Both of them can guard Durant, leaving Lebron to play rover (which is when he is at his best) while on Iggy/Draymond. It allows us to not play RJ for extended minutes, which means another player they actually have to defend. What I would rather do is get Butler, probably for Love, but I'd offer Tristan, Shump, Frye, JR, RJ and whatever else that isn't Love. Now, that probably won't happen, so Love is what it will be.