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February 22, 2015 at 11:41pm

I believe this kid was a supposed All-American coming out of high school. After watching him play today, and the past 4 years, I think its official. He is one of the least effective big men I have seen play at tOSU. I'm sure he is a nice enough guy but he has been here 4 years and never improved, in fact he quite possibly has regressed, I honestly can't tell. He still has not learned to play D, trips over his own feet every other play, cannot seem to make a putback and manages to scream on every miss down low. He was almost comically bad today. I blame Matta for today's loss, as the games I have seen when they go small ball the offense is vastly improved. The albatross that is Amir stunts the offense and everyone is worse off. Sit him on the bench for the stretch, finish up 3-1, win a game or two in the B10 tournament, give him a few minutes senior night or first tournament game, but that is it. That being said, he has been here 4 years, showed flashes of being a decent player, we thank you for your service, but time to hit the pine, for good.

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