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Mickey Marotti basketball strength coach?

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August 1, 2014 at 11:03am

Just looking at the before and after pictures of Joshua Perry, and I am speechless.  This is a pipe dream but what difference would having Marotti's expertise for the basketball team make? I'm sure our current basketball conditioning coach is well qualified. I just wonder by looking at Amir Williams, and Sam Thompson's and other Buckeyes development, if our players are maximizing our strength and conditioning.  Ross was the heaviest at the combine. Is Amir any stronger? Has Sam put on some solid muscle?  

Just imagine if Marotti, could absorb the 15 OSU basketball players into the strength and conditioning program, what difference he could make.  I know the sports are different and require different skill sets, conditioning, and physical development. I'm sure Mickey could adapt his program for the sport specific needs of the basketball bucks.

How do you guys think our current strength coach is doing?  Are we maximizing our players physical development?  Just some thoughts and dreams I had after seeing the pictures of Joshua Perry. Appreciate your insights.

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