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The Season is Not Yet Over...

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March 3, 2014 at 1:52pm

I'm as frustrated as anyone else watching the team this year.  After the past two games, I am not even sure I can stomach a similar performance in the home season finale this weekend.  However, that does not mean I am not still a fan and will not support the team until I cannot any longer this season.  I have seen a lot of negativity and bashing of specific players and the team as a whole, so I feel like it is time to issue my yearly reminder...

There is still time to correct this season and win a few games in the tournament. I'm actually quite disappointed so many people are ready to write off the season when the only time that truly matters has not even started yet. This isn't football - you can lose games and still win in the tournament. It happens every year. Why not cheer the team on until we're no longer able? Why not celebrate guys like LSJ, and especially, Aaron Craft for being the types of student-athletes they've been the past four years?

This is a team full of guys who've never had to be "the man" in college, and whose skillsets (other than Ross at this point) are not setup for being a primary scorer. Inconsistency has ruled all season. Many, including myself, hoped that either someone would take over this year who could be counted on to score, or, a group of 4 or 5 guys could be counted on to consistently put up double figures night in and night out. That just hasn't happened.

This team is at its best when it moves the ball, attacks the basket, and takes advantage of what's in front of it, rather than forcing things like three after three, or drives into traffic. There too many bone-headed plays still, and lack of focus at times. I never expect any team to play perfectly and not make mistakes, but this team seems to make so many mistakes that could be easily avoided, and it ALWAYS ends up biting them in the end.

We've seen this group play so well at times, to the point I'm not sure anyone could beat them.  The 2nd half of the Minnesota game is a prime example.  They can correct many of these mistakes they are prone to commiting and still do something special.

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