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Comment 21 hours ago

Honestly, the team has become unwatchable on offense and lackadaisical on defense.  The defensive side has been most puzzling, especially after how they had performed the first 10-12 games of the season.

On offense, they just don't run in transition to get easy baskets.  And on top of that, in the half-court their sets really do not lead to many open opportunities.  I've basically loved everything about Chris Holtmann's tenure to this point - but the half-court offense this year has been dreadful.  When the ball stops moving, it almost always results in a bad forced shot or a turnover.  Plus, there seems to be no real effort to work off a high-ball screen.  If you put the ball in Carton's hands, spread the floor, and use either Wesson to set the high screen, that should lead to a decent scoring opportunity every time down the floor. 

Of course, Carton's turnover issues and virtually everyone's inability to make a contested shot at the rim really makes everything look bad in the end.

Comment 17 Jan 2020

He was originally committed to South Carolina, so I'm guessing this is a token top 5 to show he still has love for the coaches/players/fans.  I think it's safe to say USC is out and he truly has a top 4...

Comment 17 Jan 2020

For those that actually watched LSU at all in 2018, I think it was pretty apparent he was doing just fine.  His o-line couldn't protect him and his WRs couldn't catch the ball.  MANY times, their offense resulted in called QB power/draw because the passing game was just not in sync and because they knew Joe was a tough runner.

His turnaround this season is shocking not because of how "bad" or "average" he was last year - it is shocking because he put up stats we've never seen before and did it in the SEC.

If the Bengals can protect Burrow, I think he will do well even as a rookie.  But that is a big if.  That has been their achilles heel for a long time.

Comment 13 Jan 2020

Problem being, I'm not sure Clemson's defense is truly "elite" after seeing what a healthy OSU did to them.

Don't get me wrong, they are very good - I'm not going to downgrade Clemson just because I'm salty they beat OSU.  BUT, Ohio State had literally zero chunk passing plays against Clemson and still put up over 300 yards passing and over 500 yards total offense.  Ohio State had a great offense this season, but LSU's ability to make big plays in the passing game is on a whole different level.

I am still frustrated by the fact of how Ohio State moved the ball the way they did against Clemson, and how they slowed down Clemson's big-play receivers, yet could not win the game.  Precision in the passing game was not as crisp as it needed to be (but yet again, still put up over 300 yards) - but that won't be the case with Burrow and these LSU receivers.  I have a feeling they will make a large fair share of big plays tonight.

Comment 10 Jan 2020

It has been crazy to see this team just trip all over itself the past few weeks.  The turnovers have been absolutely mind-blowing.  Guys have trouble catching simple passes, dribble the ball off their foot, lose the ball on the way up for a layup more often than any team I've ever seen... the list goes on and on.

I mentioned in a different post that Carton and Walker have got to get back to attacking the paint.  When they do that, it opens up so much for the outside shooters, which then leads to opponents having to rotate and scramble on defense.  When OSU is sharing the ball they look outstanding.  When they get into the halfcourt slog, with Wesson holding the ball or guys dribbling the air out of the ball, they've been VERY ineffective.

It will be interesting to watch how this team gets through this stretch, and what Holtmann decides to do on the offensive side.  Right now the B1G teams know what OSU wants to do, and have taken it away.  They've got to adjust.. and in my opinion the best way for that to happen is to give Carton the green light to attack, turnovers be damned.  They turn the ball over enough as it is in the half-court - why not let Carton do his thing and attempt to create some offense for himself or others?

Comment 10 Jan 2020

Don't forget the offensive staff Luke Fickell had to work with on that 2011 team.  Plus the suspensions, injuries, etc.  That was a throwaway year for a lot of reasons, and yet Fickell kept recruiting and kept it afloat.

With that said, I'm not one that believes Luke Fickell is ever destined to be the Head Football Coach at The Ohio State University.  Vrabel, if he continues to ascend with the Titans, will have quite the overall football resume.

Comment 09 Jan 2020

He showed unbelievable hands all year with his ability to catch/high-point the ball in traffic.

K.J. Hill will be tough to replace due to the sheer usage he provided the past few years, but the unsung guy who I feel like will be extremely tough to replace, and who came up with big-time, tough catches time after time this season is Austin Mack.  Mack made some really incredible catches and latched on to the ball in some really critical situations this season.  A guy like Garrett Wilson can hopefully replace those critical receptions - just give him a chance to make the play and he's already shown the ability to do that.

With fewer proven options in 2020, I think we may see some gaudy numbers put up by Olave/Wilson - probably bigger than we've been accustomed to seeing during the last 7-8 years.  2018 was a bit of an anomaly with as much as Haskins threw the ball (Parris Campbell 90 rec, over 1000 yds; KJ Hill 70 rec, almost 900 yds), but we may see something more similar to 2018 for Olave and Wilson, and then a spreading of the wealth to the others.

Comment 08 Jan 2020

At this point, guys are letting their struggles on the offensive end affect the defensive side.  Washington, especially.  He has struggled to make shots since coming back from the rib injury, and time after time on the defensive end he completely loses his man - sometimes on simple rotations.

Carton finally showed some aggression last night, which was good to see.  The last two games against WV and Wisc, he was WAY too passive and really had no positive impact on the game.  He's just too talented to let that happen.

The key to this team starts with the two PG's, Walker and Carton, and then goes through Washington and Muhammad.  When Walker and Carton are penetrating, beating guys off the dribble and forcing defensive rotations, it opens up so much space for others.  That was the issue with this team last year - no one could create offense for themselves or others.  Then, once CJ and DJ are doing this, Muhammad and Washington have got to make shots once again.  They did early in the season and everything looked great.  When you can't make open shots, everything is a slog.

Comment 02 Jan 2020


Plus, he is right now a borderline 1st round pick and several other definite to borderline 1st round picks have either already announced or are rumored to announce their return to Alabama.  Suddenly there are fewer guys to compete with for 1st round consideration.

Comment 02 Jan 2020

Well.. it is interesting LR said there "is a bit of growing optimism" when guys like Birm in the past have said Wade is "gone."  If LR is live-streaming, they will want as many viewers as possible.  More people will watch if they think there is even a chance Wade announces his return instead of announcing his intention to go to the NFL.

I hate to be pessimistic because him returning would be enormous for the Buckeyes, but I just have a hard time believing Wade won't feel like he is ready to go pro now.

Comment 30 Dec 2019

I like Chambers as well, but I think Crowley is the guy on the roster that has a bit more wiggle and a chance to be the next great OSU running back.  Those two together, along with Master Teague's power and straight line speed, should make for a very good backfield next year.

Comment 23 Dec 2019

Mike Hartline already spent a couple years as an offensive QC coach at OSU.  Back in 2015-16 I believe.  He would not have worked with Day or Wilson, or anyone still on the offensive staff for that matter.  I think it is doubtful he would be a QB coach candidate without true FBS recruiting experience.

But with the obvious connections he has on staff, who knows...

Comment 16 Dec 2019

This question keeps coming up about why White didn't play this year.  Only one thing makes sense to me.

I seem to remember White sort of coming "out of nowhere" last year.  He stepped in for Fuller and played so well against Nebraska.  The reasons given why he had not been on the field much to that point weren't really specific, but coaches talked about him "earning trust" with his practice performances leading up to that point.  Once he proved his ability in a game situation, it was impossible for the coaches to take him off the field.

Maybe (and I have no inside knowledge) he truly does not practice well?  A new group of defensive coaches came in and replaced everyone who eventually trusted White's game ability.  Maybe these coaches witnessed the same practice habits that kept White on the bench last year until all other options had been exhausted.  Wint, Pryor, etc. all were given opportunities last season before White.

Comment 09 Dec 2019

Honestly, as a first time head coaching gig, I feel like BC is a really great opportunity.  Hafley is an East Coast guy plus he now has some ties recruiting nationally due to his connections at OSU.  Miami and FSU are historically bad compared obviously to what those programs have been. 

There is literally no one in the ACC other than Clemson that has been consistently successful in years.  And, BC has some really good history as a program.  Boston College would be a tough job to turn down as a first-time head coach.

Comment 06 Dec 2019

I would also choose Utah.  I think it will be more difficult for them to score against the Buckeyes than Oklahoma.  Riley has shown his teams can/will put points on the board against good defenses and will have some new wrinkles, especially if he has time to prepare (vs. OSU in 2017, Georgia in 2017, Bama in 2018).

Comment 04 Dec 2019

Thanks all for the input.  I figured that was the issue, but wanted to be sure since DTV and internet are bundled under AT&T.

Comment 04 Dec 2019

I am VERY close to doing the same (cutting DTV and going with YTTV).  My question to those who have cut the cord and only stream - what internet provider and capability do you have? 

I tried the YTTV free trial but my one complaint was the picture quality, as it seemed my internet was not powerful enough to keep up with full HD picture.  The picture would go in and out from 720 to something much less.  This was especially the case if others in the house were using the internet at the same time.

I've read that to stream live TV in full HD requires 7 mbps (for each TV).  Meaning if you will stream two TVs at a time, you need at least 14-15 mbps.  My current AT&T internet is 5 mbps, which I believe to be the problem.  I can get Spectrum internet for basically the same cost, but it is supposedly 100 mbps.

Comment 26 Nov 2019

Great information and perfectly encapsulates the feel of that game on Saturday.  This is exactly why it has been and will continue to be lame to hear talking heads (I'm sure we will hear it tonight) paint the PSU game as anything but a comfortable win.  It was total domination aside from 3 turnovers, which led to a 17 point swing on the scoreboard.

Comment 25 Nov 2019

Fields missed on two deep throws to Chris Olave that would have completely changed the explosiveness of the passing attack.  One on the first drive of the game and one on the last drive of the first half.  Both are throws/catches they've been hitting all year.  In this game they were either slightly underthrown or just late. 

It will be interesting to see if Kyle Jones does a Film Study on the offense to dissect what plays Ohio State called and how they executed those.  Either way, there looked to be a distinct change in philosophy this week vs. past weeks, and a lot of it seemed to be based around the idea that Fields could hurt Penn State with his legs.  OSU went to a lot of 5-wide looks, and obviously ran a lot more called QB runs.  Can't remember where, but recall reading something about PSU showing no inside LB which leads to a check by OSU to a QB run.  PSU knew this, and would then bring down the safeties/corners to attack Fields running the ball.

Regardless, OSU seemed a bit conservative and therefore off-balance on offense on Saturday.  I don't think Ryan Day seems all too comfortable as a conservative play-caller, and so I do not expect to see a repeat of this in the upcoming Game.  Either way, OSU absolutely controlled that game and the turnovers completely changed how aggressive they played on offense once they were up 28-17.

Comment 25 Nov 2019

If Fickell would take a "low-level" SEC job, I would think the play would be to take over Kentucky when Stoops leaves for bigger and better things.  UK has basically overtaken Michigan State as the school who gets more of the Ohio prospects who don't go to Columbus.  Fickell is getting his fair share as well at UC, but at Kentucky he could probably develop that pipeline even more than we've seen at MSU historically.  And, UK is already trending up and it helps to be in the SEC East vs. the West.

No way he takes the Arkansas job.

Comment 11 Nov 2019

Pet peeve numero uno for me when it comes to all this discussion is when the talking heads ask the question "Who would be favored/who would you take on a neutral field.. What does Vegas say?"  And in all reality, that is the equivalent of the committee using the "look test" that always seems to benefit Alabama.

The problem with this philosophy is we have not yet seen Bama actually prove anything on the field against a good or even solid opponent.  Not to mention, what did Vegas think about Minnesota going into this past Saturday's game against PSU?  The Nittany Lions were favored by 6.5 points, meaning Vegas believes they are essentially a TD and FG better than Minnesota on a neutral field.  If you asked that question about Minn/PSU "who would you take on a neutral field?" the answer without question would have been Penn State.

We all saw what actually happened on the field.

As Urban Meyer has stated.. what does the look test even mean?  If you haven't played/beaten anyone of any substance, how can you say they are better?

Comment 11 Nov 2019

In the past, the CFP committee has leaned on game control as one of the things that matter to them.  If that is the case, the outcome of the LSU-Bama should reflect the fact that LSU basically led by 2 scores the entire game.

However, we've also seen that the committee tends to just throw everything out the window when it comes to Alabama.. and talk about how "good" they look as a team.  I don't expect that to change.

Comment 04 Nov 2019

Miami is the school that has been tossed around the most for Knighton, but how secure is that program/coaching staff at the U?  It's not as if they are lighting the world on fire either.

At this point if the recruiting analysts are correct and Knighton is bound to stay close to home, I'd expect it to be the Gators.  They are the only Florida school with a pulse at the moment.

Comment 04 Nov 2019

I think best case scenario is PSU beating Minnesota in a close game (31-27 or something to that effect).  Then, Minnesota wins out against Wisconsin and Iowa to claim the B1G West as a one-loss team, with their only loss to a top-10 one-loss PSU. 

That likely leaves Minnesota as a top 10 opponent in the B1G championship game.