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Men's Lacrosse: Buckeyes Stonewall Rutgers, 11-7

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March 26, 2023 at 9:30pm

They liiiiiiiiiive!! At least for another week. The Buckeyes rode a red-hot performance from goalie Skylar Wahlund to victory. A victory they didn't deserve, but a big win nonetheless. With a top-10 win under their belt, Ohio State finally has a cornerstone for an NCAA at-large bid.

It's probably going to take a 4-1 record, but the Buckeyes could very much find themselves partying if they take care of business. Now they just need to finish.

As far as today is concerned, the only key to victory was Wahlund and his insane 17 saves. That was the only difference between this and last week's drubbing by Denver. If he makes just 10 saves, this game is another L. Kudos to Skylar.

Otherwise, things were pedestrian at best. Ohio State had a shooting percentage of .297, which is adequate. Their SOG percentage was under 50%, which is abysmal. The only offensive bright spot was Colby Smith, who had 4 goals in a game again. But it took him 13 shots to do it. Which is the story of this offense in a microcosm.

Ed Shean, easily the best shooter in the country statistically, having just one shot is abysmal. I don't know why they put an emphasis on Smith, who is a pure volume shooter, over Shean, who scores at an incredible rate. But that's this staff.

Faceoffs, penalties, and Man Up were utterly terrible today. The Buckeyes won just 33% of the faceoffs, committed 7 penalties, and scored just once on Man Up. This game gets uglier the longer you look at it.

There's not much you can take away from this performance aside from the fact that Ohio State got lucky their goalie was a brick wall. The Buckeyes didn't win any aspect of the game except the score. Fortunately, that's the only one that really matters.

Enjoy this win, and gear up for Penn State. That is yet another must win matchup. At Panzer.

Go Bucks!

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