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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Toss up between Beanie's leap at Memorial Stadium in Champaign and Braxton's game-winning toss last year vs. Wisconsin. Both happened towards my side of the stadium and both were the greatest feats I've ever witnessed.
  • MLB TEAM: New York Yankees
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Comment 18 Jul 2017
I confess that the "pay the players/don't pay the players" arguments drive me bananas. I watch sports to turn off the debate of political points that has infringed every aspect of life. Football is a sport that predicated on one group of men bludgeoning another group of men until the ball crosses a designated line. I will turn on a cable news show of my choice when I want to hear political shoyting matches. I confess that I care far more about Ohio State becoming a lacrosse power than about whether the basketball team will be relevant again/make the tournament. Basketball sucks. There, I said it. I confess that I am abnormally affected by Ohio State struggling in a football game. I miss more games than I watch so that I don't have a cardiac event when the Buckeyes aren't blowing out Minnesota by 48. I confess that I didn't watch Ohio State play Maryland for the title because I knew that Maryland would win, probably easily. I am at peace with that decision.
Comment 05 Jul 2017
Read similar comments in The Opening open threads, but Peters was one of three LBs namechecked by SB Nation as being impressive over the entire event.
Comment 09 Jun 2017
I agree with you, but I will take a player who fights hard to be on the roster over pretty much anyone. Zamir will be a stud, but I don't think Teague is a player the Buckeyes "settle" for at all.
Comment 08 Jun 2017
Too little movement with the ball, off the ball, shooting the ball. Just dreadful. Lots of 5 touches before a lateral pass. Need some energy going forward.
Comment 01 Jun 2017
Lacrosse is not especially lucrative, no, unless you are at the very top. Paul Rabil is the first player to earn over $1 million from lacrosse alone, via salary and endorsements. Very few players have the cachet and name recognition to do lacrosse alone and earn a living. Most go to college and work real jobs, as has been mentioned, though a few just jump straight to the pros. Usually players like that are Iroquois who play box lacrosse professionally and work odd jobs in the offseason. Doesn't happen often, though.
Comment 11 May 2017
Story and CB from 247 writer Luke Stampini putting Mitchell at FSU. Quoted Mitchell saying FSU "feels like home" and they can develop him into the best player he can be. Honestly seems like a rehashing of what we have heard all along. Mitchell said Meyer told him OSU was the "hard route", but wpuld pay off for him in the end. Link for the curious.
Comment 21 Apr 2017
Tremendous example of the insignificance of sports in the grand scheme of life. Dr. Unverferth is a scion of medical achievement. Couldn't be bothered less by his miniscule football talent. A man every Buckeye should be proud of.