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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Toss up between Beanie's leap at Memorial Stadium in Champaign and Braxton's game-winning toss last year vs. Wisconsin. Both happened towards my side of the stadium and both were the greatest feats I've ever witnessed.
  • MLB TEAM: New York Yankees
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Comment 07 Dec 2019
And DiCicco gets the official announcement as well! EDGE lacrosse club becoming a major pipeline to the Buckeyes! Pasting because site refused to let me embed.
Comment 06 Dec 2019
Connor Cmiel had officially signed! Per the recruiting feed, he is officially in! Still waiting on DiCicco's graphic, but he's got himself listed as a Buckeye on the interwebz.
Comment 03 Dec 2019
Ugh. Emmett Houlihan, the best Lefty middie remaining on the board, goes to TTUN. That team has consistently outrecruited Myers and company the past fewyears, excluding 2019.
Comment 02 Dec 2019
Looks like DiCicco and/or McDonald may be in the fold, though Cmiel is a definite possibility. This is per the boss man, which I am unable to embed due to the site not liking me embedding tweets.
Comment 25 Nov 2019
BOOM!!!! Buckeyes add another commit to the 2021 class, another Canadian. Longpole Alex Marinier made it official today, as he made his desire to be a Buckeye official! Marinier plays as an LSM and a close D defender, where he's got some serious stick skills. Marinier has the ability to both take away the ball from talented dodgers, and keep them at Bay with some decent footwork. He's not an elite athlete, but Marinier can get things going on a fast break, and is able to outrun many on the field while in HS. Mariner's biggest asset as an LSM is his stick. With the ball in his crosse, not many players are better on the cradle. Marinier has mastered a jump-stop toe drag that leaves opponents looking silly. It's impressive, but there are a couple flaws in his game right now. Marinier is good with the ball in his stick, but leaves something to be desired on groundballs. He likes that jump stop so much it prevents him from getting GBs he should have easily. And Marinier has a tendency to lunge. Overall, this is a great new addition to the 2021 class! And most likely will be the 2nd of 3 commits from EDGE lacrosse, the elite Canadian club team. That's IF Tyler Ford is deemed good enough by Coach Myers.
Comment 15 Nov 2019
Crime in Sports - Comedians make fun of athletes you've heard of (and those you've never head of) for committing crimes. Hardcore History is great, but be prepared to not get anything done. It's too hard to follow and actually get work done. Make Defense Great Again is a podcast all about defensive football, from Xs and Os to philosophy.
Comment 14 Nov 2019
As much as this class was disappointing in the end, I do not think things are over. Discounting Cmiel (need to sign to be considered part of the team), the Buckeyes have at least two really good options for offensive firepower they lost to other teams. Trent Dicicco is a name that I tossed out in a different thread, and seems to have re-emerged as an option for the Buckeyes. He is a Canadian that plays for Edge Lacrosse, a club team that takes box players and helps them find college opportunities at tournaments during the summer and fall. He is very similar to Gerard Kane, it seems, which would be a nice addition. The other name to watch is Ben McDonald. I mentioned elsewhere that he is a football and lacrosse guy in his native Canada, with aspirations of playing college ball in one or the other, maybe both. He is committing in December, so we will see if Coach Myers can bring him south. Cmiel, obviously, just has to sign an LOI, though it doesn't appear that he's really strongly interested in Lacrosse now. Who knows what he wants to do, but fortunately he has until the spring to figure it all out. May just require some waiting.
Comment 13 Nov 2019
Flipping is somewhat new to lacrosse, but is no different than football. Generally coaches have been far friendlier than their football counterparts, making gentleman's agreements commonplace until recently. The lack of having to sit out a year in lacrosse has really increased the number of transfers in the past couple of years. OSU hasn't really been as active in the transfer market for Randall type players. Chris Gray, now at UNC, would have been a perfect addition, but there wasn't a bit of chatter that the Buckeyes were in on him. And West Islip has all of Class A to contend with, which really makes it a tough road to be elite. Islip itself is just a ridiculous hotbed of talent to have that many schools competing for state titles.
Comment 13 Nov 2019
Looks like I was premature on Cmiel. Wondered why only 9 signed today, and it appears he will wait to chum the football waters some more.
Comment 12 Nov 2019
Ohio State has 10 commits per IL, but the official Twitter says only 9 will be signing. Some interesting times ahead.
Comment 11 Nov 2019
Changes coming, as the Buckeyes and Nittany Lions were both scheduled to play Johns Hopkins on the same day.
Comment 08 Nov 2019
Now signing with UVA. Buckeyes had #82 Drew Elder at FOGO, so it seems like the interest was fleeting at best.
Comment 07 Nov 2019
Recent UNC 2020 decommit Gable Braun from McDonogh in MD has been in contact with OSU. He is the #80 player in the 2020 class, as a FOGO. Something to watch.