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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Toss up between Beanie's leap at Memorial Stadium in Champaign and Braxton's game-winning toss last year vs. Wisconsin. Both happened towards my side of the stadium and both were the greatest feats I've ever witnessed.
  • MLB TEAM: New York Yankees
  • SOCCER TEAM: Millwall

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Comment 15 hours ago
This is a fluffy piece about Connor Cmiel, but shows why I think he may be an offensive guy. Had 68 points at middie during his junior year. Definitely one to watch
Comment 16 Jul 2019
This blurb explains a lot, I think, of the reasoning behind Sheridan coming to Columbus. He left before Denver won its title in 2015. And Ohio State has a much better shot than CSU of getting there. Career-wise as well, the move makes too much sense. If he does well in Columbus, Sheridan can go pretty much anywhere for a better HC gig. Or stay until Myers leaves and take over the program he helped build into a powerhouse. I am hoping for that after 4 rings are won in Columbus, but I am greedy.
Comment 16 Jul 2019
4 Buckeye freshmen on the training roster for the 2020 U19s World Championship Team. Final cuts early next year. 3 out of the 4 were teammates on the Calvert Hall team that just won the MIAA 3 years in a row. Congrats to Christian Tomei, Grant and Connor Mitchell, and Jacob Snyder!
Comment 16 Jul 2019
Between the added talent and scheme change, I am really interested in seeing how the offense progresses!
Comment 14 Jul 2019
HUGE decommitment from Syracuse. I mentioned a 2020 flip candidate in the original thread as being Gay. Have to imagine they'll pull out all the stops now. Could see him at Albany and PSU too. Section V guys love to go to PSU or the Danes. Don't know why.
Comment 13 Jul 2019
Those in the know think Cmiel will be a SSDM, apparently. I disagree, personally. I think he's got dodging you just don't see on the roster, if he can get his stick a bit better his freshman year. As a defender, he played like a football guy, not a lacrosse player. Very physical, but out of position, lunging, and not on hands. I personally would try to get him to stick on O.
Comment 10 Jul 2019
Working on a breakdown to drop this week, but short version is we should be VERY excited about this hire. He had two DIII stints as OC before jumping to D1, but CSU dramatically improved last year. Additionally, he is a wizard recruiter with what he had to work with. Cleveland State had absolutely no history or tradition to start off with, Sheridan had no cachet other than his skills and his father-in-law, but the Vikings were on the verge of being an upper echelon team. Now, who knows? But that's CSU's issue. Philosophically, I think Tre Leclaire should warm up his shooting gloves, because the offense should play to his strengths nicely. 2019 CSU hunted for skip passes in a way the Buckeyes haven't since 2017, achieving a 62% assist rate on goals. Buckeyes were way under 50%. And they put 11 past PSU, where the Buckeyes only managed 8. Granted, they lost by 5, but the Buckeye roster is LOADED compared to Cleveland State. The players know what they want to do on O, it's just a matter of executing. This is an interesting hire for Sheridan personally, as he is going from an up-and-coming HC to an assistant again, but it could be a way to go get a better job after a few years in Columbus. Or stay long-term and try to get the gig once Myers has decided to move on. Whatever the case, be excited. This is a grade A hire in every way, especially as Ohio produces more and more homegrown talent.
Comment 28 Jun 2019
I think it's very realistic, because of how many players Coach Myers has turned into HCs of D1 programs. He has 4 right now. That's a whole lot. And with the B1G on the rise, I don't believe there will be a shortage of options.
Comment 28 Jun 2019
No idea, but ASAP is the most likely answer. Just depends on who Myers can get on the phone and who wants to come to the B1G.
Comment 28 Jun 2019
Congrats to your son, Ohio! That's a big deal! Hope he gets everything he wants out of college lacrosse and more.