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Men's Lacrosse: Transfer Tracker 2023

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February 1, 2022 at 12:23pm

I did this for the past season, and based on things I have seen, it's going to be a necessary tracking post for the next season. There will be names that float in and out, but it's a new factor in college athletics that's worth following.

1. Kyle Lewis, Lynchburg, A
2. Richie LaCalandra, LIU, A
3. Michael Dimarsico(?), G, via Hopkins

Potential Targets:

1. Derrek Madonna, Hobart, M
2. Austin Madronic, Harvard, A
3. Rory Jones(?), Hofstra, A
4. Miles Rathell(?), Ohio Wesleyan, D
5. Tommy Schelling, Lehigh, A
6. Marcus Hudgins, Army, D

Obviously, this early, there's a lot that is fluid. Nothing is concrete yet, but it's nice to see the staff is already trying to get better.

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