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Men's Lacrosse: Looking Ahead Post-Cancellation

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August 13, 2020 at 10:12am

No football. No basketball (probably). No fun. Everyone's in the doldrums about having lost a season of football. I get it. Right there with all of you. It's a horse crap move that is only going to be worse in a few months, not better.

The B1G has completely failed its football athletes. We can argue about the administration's moves at OSU, but the B1G is indisputably in tatters. Hopefully the damage is minimal, but Wisconsin is already facing layoffs. The rest of the conference will probably downsize their sports programs as well. It's going to be rough.

Since we are all in the doldrums, let's try to find some bright spots in other areas! Or at least deceive ourselves before the B1G administration chickens out and cancels more sports for…*checks notes* no discernable scientific or logical reason.

Despite the cloud hanging over college sports at the moment, Ohio State lacrosse actually seems healthier than ever. Despite its delay in construction, fundraising is continuing for the lacrosse-specific stadium as we speak.

Slow going, to be sure, but apparently they have already raised $13 million of the $22 million needed to get the stadium paid for in full. That's despite Rona hitting about 4 or 5 months into the effort. Since this will be an all privately funded project, it makes sense to let that go on.

But there's still a whole lot to be excited about now that we know the stadium project is still underway.

Primarily, it means that lacrosse programs aren't going anywhere at Ohio State. That is a HUGE deal. Huge. Schools in the Big Ten and Pac-12 are going to be shedding sports like crazy as a result of this horrendous set of decisions.

Stanford, with an endowment of approximately $28 BILLION, just cut its programs by about ⅓. Ohio State has an endowment of around $6 billion. Stanford could keep their athletics programs going for millenia based on their endowment alone, but decided to oust a bunch of Olympic sports.

Could that happen at Ohio State? Sure. Will it be lacrosse? I highly, highly doubt it since a specific stadium is being built for both teams. It would be a hilariously awful decision to cut the sports that have their own facility on campus.

Second, despite the doomsday predictions, lacrosse is being played NOW across the country, with essentially zero ill effects. Most of Ohio State's 2022 targets have been playing in tournaments across the country while dealing with draconian rules and shutdowns.

No outbreaks or transmissions have occurred as a result of play on the field. Precautions have worked wonderfully. So while many have been pessimistic about the prospects of spring sports, I don't see any reason that the men's and women's teams would have another season cancelled in 2021.

Now, we've seen how useless the B1G administration is. But I really think that safe seasons will be as guaranteed as possible under the circumstances.

And finally, the thing I am shamelessly addicted to, recruiting continues unabated! On the men's side, anyway. The men's coaches voted overwhelmingly to NOT delay the contact period for 2022s, which warms the cockles of my cold, cold heart. Less than three weeks from now, on 1 September, all recruits may be contacted by Division 1 coaches unbidden.

Now, there's a dead period through 30 September for all sports, but that won't really affect lacrosse recruiting at all. It will be an absolute madhouse, and I can't wait for it. Coaches only got to view video footage of the summer tournaments this year, meaning they're all in the same boat. And it also means that social media will be key.

Fortunately for Ohio State, the staff (except for Rick Lewis) has been really proactive in getting themselves set up to be at the forefront when communication is allowed via Instagram and Twitter. We will see how it pays off for them, but even now you can see connections being made. And it's fantastic.

I'm not sure exactly how much of a coherent topic there was here, but I will definitely say that it's too early to panic in regards to the 2021 season. There's a ton of time, and already some serious precedent for playing the season in full at the club level. Hopefully things will not worsen, and we can enjoy some serious competition when the time comes. Take heart, and Go Bucks!

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