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Gene Smith's Career - When He Retires...

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November 14, 2019 at 7:49am

I'm seeing some of the lunatic fringe arguing that the University & Gene Smith didn't handle the Chase Young situation correctly.  It feels like there is nothing he can do right (no surprise given keyboard warriors).

I don't think people appreciate how well this Athletics program is run and - oh by the way - is a cash generator like no other!. The hires Gene Smith has made across the major programs (Urban, Day, Holtmann), the success of those programs vs. historical barometers, and the hires/success he's had across our other programs like Men's Volleyball, Women's basketball, Wrestling, etc - all point to his leadership, or ability to hire the right people.

So I'll say it loud & proud...I believe when Gene Smith retires, his value to the University will earn him the prestigious "Dotting of the I."  That's what he's meant to the university.

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