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This Week's Question: Which Non-Revenue Sport Do You Cheer For The Most?

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March 26, 2018 at 8:00am

Ohio State has its men's hockey team in the Frozen Four and just a week ago, the wrestling team finished in second place in the country. 

The non-revenue sports at OSU (basically anything not football or men's basketball) have had a pretty solid 2017-18 season, as the women's hockey team had a record year as well. 

Others have struggled, as the OSU women's basketball team was thumped at home in the second round of the NCAA Tournament, ending their season without a shot at the Final Four in their own back yard. 

So which Ohio State non-revenue sport do you pull for, or invest in the most? As someone who covered the women's basketball team at my previous job, I follow Kevin McGuff's team the closest of any non-revenue sport, and after that, it is probably baseball. 

What say you? 

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