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Georgia QB Sues Napier, UF, and Others over Botched $13.85 NIL Deal

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May 21, 2024 at 9:54am

The article says he is represented by Rusty Hardin, a big name attorney whose former clients include Adrian Peterson and Roger Clemens

A couple of quotes:

"To sway Rashada's decision, Hathcock and Castro-Walker offered the $13.85 million deal with $5.35 million, including a $500,000 signing bonus, to come through Hathcock's Velocity Automotive company and the rest through Gator Guard, the NIL collective that he started. Hathcock had previously committed to donating $12.6 million to the Gator Boosters, and early media reports stated the Gator Guard raised $5 million in its first 24 hours." 


"Instead, a day after the $500,000 payment was due, the Gator Collective sent Rashada a termination letter of the $13.85 million deal. Still, the lawsuit claims Napier and Castro-Walker went to great lengths to convince Rashada that they would make good on the promised money even without the contract. Castro-Walker told Rashada's agents that the Gator Guard would now take on paying the deal and that "Hathcock, through the Gator Guard, would personally guarantee the $13.85 million obligation himself." The only payment allegedly made was for $150,000 to pay back John Ruiz, a prominent Miami booster, so that Rashada "could avoid possible litigation" with Ruiz who was seeking repayment from the initial $9.5 million NIL deal. "

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