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Freemans 10 Man Explanation Clarified

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September 28, 2023 at 10:48am

Heard this from Andy Staples and hadn't seen this discussed yet. Freeman at a press conference, that I believe happened on Monday, was asked to explain his decision for not wanting to get a penalty on that last play.  I'm paraphrasing here but it was something like: 

-- We didn't find out there wasn't enough guys until they (OSU) had already lined up. I was behind the play (not allowed past the 30) so we couldn't see the missing guy. With it being too loud we couldn't get the attention of an of the players to grab or jump offsides. My fear was sending someone on (DLineman wasn't going to sprint 50 yards and get in position in time), OSU getting a free play, stopping them and needing to stop it again after the emotions of thinking we won the game."

Fair explanation I think. It certainly better than just saying "we knew we had 10 men and didn't want to get a penalty". I still think it's not the right call on his part but you can at least see there was some reasoning behind it. It sounded like they wanted to get a defensive player to commit a presnap penalty so they could get their 11th man on the field. Now because of this ND has a hand signal to let the players know to grab an offensive player in order to do so.

What does everyone think?

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