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Interesting Dataset on the Most Fans by Team by Generation

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August 6, 2022 at 7:15am

Came across this in those Google pop up stories. Ohio State ranks #1 overall with 6.2 million fans. Alabama is second with 4.1 million and Penn State 3rd with 3.9. ND is 4th with 3.5 million.

Ohio State beats Bama in every generation except Gen Z. Kinda makes sense as Bama has won a bunch of titles and most of those kids have not hit college years yet. Given Ohio State has about 16,000 more undergrads than Bama their lead should shrink as more Gen Z get into college.

Ttun ranked 7th right behind little sister MSU. But found most interesting is how they sit with Gen Z according to this study. While Ohio State has over 500,000 and Bama has over 700,000 ttun has ... 86,000! MSU has over 235,000. Seems like Harbaugh has alienated the younger people in the state of Michigan.

Study is probably not worth much more than the page it is posted on but still fun to see the data and how ttun continues to live off of the far past.

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