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Realignment: More Surprises?

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July 2, 2022 at 12:55pm

There’s been some talk about Florida State and Miami leaving the ACC for the SEC. The state of Florida may be big, but three SEC teams in ONE state? That's too much arrogance. Florida could see advantages in distancing itself from the Canes and Seminoles (i.e. Academics, athletics, money) by leaving the SEC for the B1G.

And what about:

Texas A&M: In addition to academics, athletics and money, one big reason A&M left the Big12 was Texas. In addition to academics, athletics and money and with Texas soon to join the SEC, would the Aggies try to join the B1G?

Tennessee: The Volunteers have been struggling in the SEC since the Phillip Fulmer-era. Being in the SEC’s northern region, would  Tennessee consider a change of scenery, to improve its football fortunes? Bonus: Academics, athletics and money.

Cincinnati: With the likes of Kroger and Procter & Gamble being HQ’d in the Queen City, Cincinnati must be considered a NIL-Collective-rich environment. And NIL is a big factor in realignment. TV markets alone are not driving realignment and its impending, colossal TV deals. Wealth in markets is also. Wealth in markets makes NIL-Collectives richer, which attracts the best players. The SEC would do well to consider inviting the Bearcats to join. Cincinnati is a natural rival to Kentucky and potential rival to Tennessee. Plus, Cincinnati has a Southern feel. The B1G might consider holding on to Cincinnati, if only to lock up its NIL-Collective opportunities.

Do you guys see any other surprising defections? Would a B1G team go to another conference?

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