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Georgia@Clemson Sep 4th, ¿who Do You Think/want to Win?

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July 7, 2021 at 10:30am

Ive checked, and unfortunately there is no way both these teams lose when they play each other. But we have Kirby Not-So-Smart and yaba-dabo-dont facing off September 4th in a game with obvious playoff implications. Granted, either team could lose this game and still make the playoffs. I get the feeling Clemson is going to lose, but despite how good it will be to watch, i think Clemson winning will work out the best for us. And heres why:

-lessens the chance of 2 SEC teams dramatically
-the ACC is garbage and Clemson is not as likely to lose a game after this one compared to UGA.
-we know whoever wins the SEC will likely be given the one seed. Safe money is on Alabama winning the SEC per usual.
-Undefeated Clemson likely would get two or three seed, as would undefeated or one loss OSU.
-who doesnt want to settle the score with Clemson (and do so in the playoffs)?
-Georgia has made one playoff and their fans are already insufferable about it. Clemson fans have at least earned the right to be cocky by having a winning record against bama in the playoffs and two natties. Last time UGA won one was 1980.

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