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Florida's Ranking

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December 16, 2020 at 6:16am

So apparently, the reason for Florida only dropping one spot to #7 is because of Georgia's spot that is too high (if you also think Georgia has been vastly overrated since the first playoff rankings). Georgia provided a "floor" for Florida's drop because both teams now have 2 losses and Florida won big in the head-to-head. In the committee's eyes, they could not justify dropping Florida past Georgia. I am not saying I agree with this. This reeks of SEC favoritism.

Well, why did Georgia jump Cincinnati?

The supposed reason for Georgia jumping Cincinnati is because Cincinnati has been idle and has not played a game since November. If we are going to scream that this is unfair, then we must be careful because it forces us to also acknowledge the fact that we have been idle and teams have not been able to jump us. Wouldn't people point to a bias toward us for that very reason?

For those who think the committee is just propping up teams to make for better resumes and conference championship games, then why is NW still ranked #14?

I know it is unlikely Florida beats Bama, but I feel many on here are ruling out the possibility of Florida actually entering the playoffs IF they do beat Bama. These rankings set them up perfectly for that scenario. Regardless, the committee did Florida huge favors and pretty much all of Gainesville now has a "win and we are in" attitude. After telling my best friend who I just got back from deployment with and is a graduate from UF that Florida's ranking is a joke, he had the nerve to respond to me "Says the team that didn't participate in their game. Can't lose games if you don't play them". This is unfortunately what we are up against.

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