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Questions About 2020 Eligibility Rules

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September 18, 2020 at 7:31pm

Something that I think is being critically undermentioned post-B1G announcement is the NCAA saying the 2020 season will not count against eligibility. Ohio State will be playing this season without its players using an eligibility year. I see a lot of pros and cons. Pros being able to develop whatever the middle to lower tier talent level of your program. The cons would be 4 and 5 stars waiting in the wings an extra year behind a starter that decides to stay another year and attempt to improve their draft position which could result in more transfers and scholarship number issues. My questions are:

1. How will this work towards the draft eligibility? Does the player have the option to count or not count this year? For example, let's say Stroud or Miller gets really meaningful snaps this year in mop-up and balls out for 2 subsequent seasons. Will they be looked at as true sophomores and ineligible for the draft or will the NFL give them a pass?
2. Could someone that fulfills their academic obligations grad transfer out and be able to start somewhere for 2 seasons instead of 1? 

Regardless of the matter, I think we are on an inevitable collision course for QBGeddon Part 2 in the coming years which always makes for hot take threads. 

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