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The Curious Case of Indiana Silence.

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September 9, 2020 at 8:43pm

I dont want to touch on covid or partisan politics, but I have family and friends in our state to the west, and my experience with them and others has been... well that whole state doesn't really care about covid.  They seem to care about social distancing less than college football and thats saying something.  Notre Dame isn't to their state like Ohio State is to us. Obviously IU and Purdont aren't either.  I dont want to get red/blue (please have mercy on me mods), ... [MOD edit: just stay away from politics, please.]


That being said its weird they have been so quiet on the issue.  Maybe the news of Yost's threatening a lawsuit on behalf of OH will make Indianans realize that their state stands to benefit approx $100M in media revenue if their b"asketball schools" play.  Also, who wasn't getting excited for IU becoming "ok"? Remember 9WINdiana? Anyone got Indianans in their life that wanna touch on this?


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