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August 22, 2020 at 7:01pm




I was watching some of college football's craziest finishes via PSC Highlights channel on YouTube as a part of me mourning the season. One thing I noticed is that TTUN has lots of heartbreaking losses (absolutely glorious) from Krodell Stewart's heave in 94, Desmond's trip in the end zone going for two and the win vs MSU in 90, App State in 07, and TJ Duckett's catch as time expires in 01. "Trouble with the snap" in 15 qualifies for this as well. Ohio State doesn't really have those types of losses on hail mary's, as time expires, or a wild play like in the Boise State vs Oklahoma Fiesta Bowl, or the Band is on the field play in Stanford vs Cal. Maybe I'm not old enough to remember a wild finish. XBrax at the end vs Wisconsin is the closest I can think to OSU stealing victory from defeat. The 1997 Rose Bowl win would possibly qualify as well. I guess there are a couple of close defeats in the end that come to mind: 05 vs Texas, 08 vs Texas, 09 vs USC, 15 vs MSU, 19 vs Clemson but those were all close to the finish and not a last ditch attempt type deal as so many of the other plays in these highlight videos. Can anyone think of any last ditch play that won a game for OSU? Any other heartbreaking loss I'm forgetting?

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