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Bill Connelly Column on Spring Season Possibilities

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August 12, 2020 at 8:54am

Read the article for all his ideas on what a spring season could look like, if for once everybody in CFB got on the same page.  I would be down for division-only conference play (6ish conference game season for most P5s) and a CCG.  Followed by an expanded CFP.  But, as Bill very accurately points out in his last 3 paragraphs, it will never happen because of a lack of leadership across the sport.

The "maneuvering" has continued this week. The Pac-12 is going to postpone the fall season! The Big Ten waffled! The Big 12 is split down the middle! The SEC and ACC want to charge forward! It is hard to avoid the thinking that some of the posturing we have seen has to do with recruiting and being able to say, "WE'RE serious about football, and THEY'RE not."

In what universe should conferences be "maneuvering" against one another during a pandemic? There is not even enough leadership in the country's most popular college sport to get five leagues to work together during the most wicked problem in 75 years. Why exactly does an NCAA-type governing body exist if it cannot help guide schools through extraordinary circumstances such as these?

The rest of the college football universe -- especially those in the FBS' Group of 5 -- had to sit and wait for power conferences to make their scheduling decisions before it could come up with any sort of plan for itself, and now those power conferences are jockeying against one another. This sport has never needed leadership more, and it has never gotten less.

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