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The 15 Teams That Can Win the National Championship

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June 17, 2020 at 7:45pm

Well Bud Elliott has posted his yearly list of the teams making his Blue Chip Ratio List (At Least 50% 4* and 5* recruits)

But of course we know 14 of these teams won't win it.

So here is my opinion of why a team won't win it.

Alabama - Complacency?

Georgia - For giving Justin Fields to Ohio State

Ohio State - Inability to beat Clemson

Texas - They always manage to do less with more

LSU - Joe Burrow's don't grow on trees

Oklahoma - Defense wins championships and they never seem to have one.

Clemson - Soft schedule and not battle tested come playoff time

Florida - I can't think of a reason off the top of my head so I'll just say I don't like them.

Michigan - Probably 100 reasons including but not limited to speed in space offensive scheme, outdated defensive scheme, lack of an elite quarterback, can't develop players, Steve Deace, can't beat Ohio State, can't win national championship losing 3 regular season games and their bowl game, Jim Harbaugh. 

Can you help me get to 100 reasons?

Auburn - The Michigan of the SEC

Penn State - lack of an elite quarterback, Franklin's poor game management skills, Ohio State in the way (I actually got this from a friend of mine who rants constantly about Ohio State.  I asked him why he is so obsessed with Ohio State and his answer was "BECAUSE THEY'RE IN THE WAY"

Notre Dame - Must go undefeated to have a shot and won't beat Clemson

Washington - Will probably lose to Michigan and then we'll have to deal with Michigan fans proclaiming they can win the National Championship, PAC12 weak

USC - Their coach

Texas A&M - How did they even make this list?

Also note that Oregon didn't even make the list.  They only have a 40% ratio.  I was shocked.

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