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Don Haskins - Most Important Coach in College Basketball History

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April 7, 2020 at 11:31pm

So tonight I re-watched Glory Road. If someone hasn't ever seen it, first off highly recommended. For some reason back when it first came out I watched it as just a sports movie, like Hoosiers. However, after watching it again I realized how important Don Haskins truly was to college basketball.

The first division 1 coach to start an all black lineup in the NCAA title game, against notorious racist Adolph Rupp. Just watching what those players had to endure makes me ashamed of the way people were treated. No I was not alive at that time, and I've never seen a person for their skin color. However, just realizing everything they endured, the death threats Don Haskins family got. Just shows how much courage it took them to not quit.

The NCAA basketball tournament trophy should be named after him, when you think of the basketball coaching Mount Rushmore he should be front and center

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