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Could the Structure of NCAA Football Tailor an Altered Season?

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April 5, 2020 at 5:41pm

Supposing social distancing guidelines are not lifted in time to start a college football season, would the NCAA even be in a position to alter the season? It may be much more difficult for NCAA, given sponsored bowl games that are played in shared venues. What would an altered season look like where games don't begin until October.

Personally, it's too early to speculate how long this will last, all we have is a hunch, and mine is that this may last well into the summer, maybe even longer. I think the NCAA would just cancel the season instead of altering it, but if they did...

9-game season, no OOC matchups, no CCG's, no bowl games, 16 team playoff, selected by playoff committee. Top seed hosts. 13 to 15 total weeks, NCAA could still recoup some losses, everyone wins.

Hopefully in the fall times will be good enough that we can worry about things like football. What are some of your thoughts about the season?

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