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How LSU's Orgeron First Heard That Joey B Was Available on the Transfer Market

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March 31, 2020 at 4:51pm

I clicked on an article on about how Ed Orgeron believes the college football season will start on time, and it also goes into how the staff is dealing with the current times (basically doing installs via Zoom). But it also included an interesting story about how he first heard that Joe Burrow was available on the transfer market (quoting directly):

In the spring of 2018, LSU football was hunkering down for another grueling day of spring football. Up at McNeese State, coach Ed Orgeron's son Cody was watching the Ohio State spring game on television, where he heard an interesting bit of news about a certain quarterback hitting the transfer market.

Cody picked up the phone and called his father right then and there.

"He called me because he heard that Joe Burrow was transferring so he called me and said 'Dad you gotta get this quarterback,'" Orgeron recalled on a Tuesday morning interview of Off the Bench. "So I asked (safeties coach) Bill Busch—who had been at Ohio State—I said 'Bill do you know a guy named Joe Burrow?'"

"Here's what Bill Busch told me, he said 'coach if we get Joe Burrow we're going to the College Football Playoffs,'" Orgeron said. "I said well let's go get him."

It's a story that not many have heard over the years when talking about Burrow's recruitment and of course Busch's prediction ultimately rang true, though it's hard to imagine he thought it'd turn out to be one of the most successful college offenses in history.

The article also says that the SEC is giving their teams two hours each week with each individual player for virtual instruction. Has the B1G set a policy for that yet?

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