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MEMBER SINCE   May 05, 2013


  • SPORTS MOMENT: January 4, 2003
  • COLLEGE BASKETBALL PLAYER: Jim Jackson, Jared Sullinger, Kelvin Ransey
  • NFL TEAM: Browns
  • NBA TEAM: Sixers
  • MLB TEAM: Tribe

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Comment 04 Apr 2020
I used to illegally park in the Holiday Inn parking garage when I went to Conrad's or Buckeye Corner or some other place on that part of campus. I think I may have used their bathroom once. Better than parking at the McDonald's on High. Did that once and met an unfriendly end thanks to Shamrock towing. My girlfriend had to drive me to the towing lot. Only time I've ever been towed.
Comment 04 Apr 2020
So is the earth. According to Kyrie...
Comment 03 Apr 2020
https://mgoblog.com/mgoboard/2018-b1g-east-division-trophy-display-schembechler-hall-locker-room Some of the comments are great. One poster said this was more pathetic than losing the Game.
Comment 03 Apr 2020
Day has stated that he doesn't want to be overly reliant on the transfer portal, but if there's a need and a player like Justin Fields, Jonah Jackson, or Trey Sermon wants to come here, he's not going to turn them down. Ohio State is one of the premier programs in the country and develops players as well as anybody, so players are going to want to come here. That's a good thing.
Comment 02 Apr 2020
Sad to say, but development is going to be one of the biggest challenges for all the players at the college level with little or no experience.
Comment 02 Apr 2020
I'm probably going to take some flak for this and for being ignorant, but what the heck was that in the Giudice video? To quote the 70's, what a spaz.
Comment 01 Apr 2020
I wanted to watch this tonight but forgot it was on. Hopefully there will be a replay. Sick of the teflon coaches like Pitino, Calipari and Self to whom it seems nothing ever sticks.
Comment 31 Mar 2020
You're welcome. I kind of vaguely remember some of them being on TV, either on WOSU channel 34 or on channel 10 hosted by Dom Tiberi.
Comment 31 Mar 2020
This is a DVD series that they put out that also may have been a TV program at some point. There were typically three classics to a DVD. https://www.amazon.com/Buckeye-Classics-Vol-3-TM0018/dp/B0002IQN4M Wow, looks like they have over 400 episodes. https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCcuTxiBiF2JAG7op3elairQ/featured
Comment 30 Mar 2020
1975 and 1979 TTUN. 1984 and 1995 Illinois. 1985 and 1990 Iowa. 2012 and 2014 MSU. 1996 Indiana. 1993 Penn State. 1997 and 2010 Rose Bowls. 2011 Sugar Bowl. 2003 and 2006 Fiesta Bowls.