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  • SPORTS MOMENT: January 4, 2003
  • COLLEGE BASKETBALL PLAYER: Jim Jackson, Jared Sullinger, Kelvin Ransey
  • NFL TEAM: Browns
  • NBA TEAM: Sixers
  • MLB TEAM: Tribe

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Comment 05 Oct 2019
These teams were basically a mirror image of each other with TTUN having slightly better talent, thus the victory. I'm glad that they won, Harbaugh losing his job talk will lose momentum. They are the same team as long as he's there: will beat up on inferior teams and lose to teams with equal or greater talent. Lifetime contact, please.
Comment 26 Sep 2019
Personally think Robert Frost would make a great coach. He would always do the non-routine things in a game.
Comment 22 Sep 2019
He gives us these two great quotes: Instead of "speed in space", we have seen "turnovers & disgrace". Be it the ineptitude, the exodus of coaches, or players foregoing one last moment in the sun together. Michigan Football is no longer what it used to be. A paragon of excellence and the Wolverine spirit. After all the wonderful memories, it is too bad that such things should fade away.
Comment 21 Sep 2019
Bo did not give Earle fits. He was 4-5 against Earle. Given that he was 5-4-1 vs. Woody, the only reason he has a winning record against Ohio State is that he beat Cooper twice. Final record 11-9-1, not exactly tormenting the Buckeyes. There were other TTUN coaches that had much better records against the Buckeyes.
Comment 14 Sep 2019
I've lived in both places and I honestly think the quality of life is better in Columbus than LA. Yes, LA has the weather, but people in Columbus are friendlier and there's more of a family and community vibe in Cbus. Plus, cost of living is lower and traffic is obviously much better, in addition to being easier to get around. In addition, Ohio State football/athletics is better than anything LA has to offer sports-wise, lol. I guess it depends on what you value, but I'll take Columbus over LA most any day. I Will say that you can't beat the variety and quality of food you find in LA, though Columbus has its share of good eats.
Comment 14 Sep 2019
It's too bad that Penn State didn't lose, though.
Comment 14 Sep 2019
Pitt up on Penn State 10-7. Announcers are Fowler and Blackledge. How fair is that?
Comment 14 Sep 2019
So these stats only cover the period of 1960-2018, a span of 59 seasons. I don't exactly know how many times the two teams have played in that period (max 59x, obviously), but in 28 of those games Indiana did not have a rushing TD. Pretty remarkable.
Comment 13 Sep 2019
I would pay big bucks to see this. "Why is your offense stuck in the eighties?" "Why are you so strange? With my psych background, let's explore what may have happened to you when you were a kid."
Comment 11 Sep 2019
Thanks for the explanation, AZBuck! Given that it only comes up every seven years, that would still be 18 times in the course of 130 years, not including leap years. That's why I was confused about the discrepancy.
Comment 11 Sep 2019
Did college football seasons formerly start much later in the fall? I find it curious that.Ohio State has only played five times on September 14 in its 130 years of football. Same for September 7 last week. I think they'd only played four times on that date.