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Bama Decapitates TUN Receiver - No Call

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January 2, 2020 at 1:36am

At worst, there is major corruption in college football that stacks the deck against any conference or team that is outside of the ESPN marketing machine; at best, college football has the most garbage, incompetent, and straight idiotic officials working these games that coincidentally rarely make game-changing calls in favor of non-ACC/SEC teams.

There was a hit to the head of a sliding TUN receiver by a Bama defender that made Shaun Wade’s hit on Sunshine look like patty-cakes. During a critical point in the game where TUN was still very much in it, there was a blatant launch at the receivers head when he was going into a slide and it was determined the hit was “incidental contact”. No official called down to review it, no field judge threw a flag, yet it was clear as day and vicious as hell. Someone tweeted to ESPN:

The Alabama non called forgetting was way worse than the Ohio state targeting

I am in shock and awe at the inconsistency we are dealing with on these hits and the consistency with whom it favors. 

Link to the article:

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