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Three Fun Facts About the CFP Field

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December 11, 2019 at 12:08pm

Saw/heard each of these in the past day or so and thought they were interesting:

1. Each of the four head coaches of the playoff teams was promoted to that role from within.  Day and Riley were OCs who moved up after their boss stepped down, and Coach O and Dabo were interim guys who kept the job after the HC was fired.  Probably just a coincidence, but maybe there's something to be said for having stability.

2. In what is definitely NOT a coincidence, each of the four QBs has been affected by the Transfer Portal.  Three of them (Fields, Burrow, Hurts) transferred themselves, while the fourth (Lawrence) caused the incumbent to transfer.

3. Lastly, LSU has three national championships to their name (1958, 2003, 2007).  Each of those titles was won when the NCG was in New Orleans, as it is this year.  And their opponent in those three years will sound familiar: Clemson ('58), Oklahoma ('03), Ohio State ('07).  Dun dun dunnnn.

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