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Michigan: You're 5th!

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December 9, 2019 at 11:53pm

I can't help myself.

I was reading a long ass thread on a scum site today and I had to chortle out loud and come here to share.

The thread was about PSU landing a 4 star TE today that the weenies thought they had a great shot at getting.

The topic and debate was why he chose the kitties over the Wolverinnees.

Back and forth they fought against each other like dogs over a maggot covered banana peel, on whether they are on Penn State's level or still have a way to go.

They are lamenting that PSU plays OSU tougher and finishes 2nd year after year and they finish 3rd.

The truth, however, is worse than that. Easily, the west produces at least two teams each year which are better than scum. This year it is Wisconsin and (arguably) Minnesota, who got ridiculously over devalued (ala Alabama) for their late season loss in a snow storm v. The Badgers.

I'd take the Gophers and Iowa, today, along with Whiskey, over the Piss and Blew.

Michigan...don't flatter yourselves...your 5th best in the BIG 10, not running even with PSU for #2.

Oh, one more thing, I don't agree with the 54/55 point over/under in the Alabama match up. I believe The Tide will win 56 to Zip.

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